My Rant: XM Radio's greatly diminished sound quality. What to do?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Ronald Epstein, May 10, 2006.

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    Ronald Epstein

    It's rather met Lee Abrams and I met with Sirius executives
    at their NYC base.

    Personally, I think Lee ran XM into the ground. If you read other
    boards, fans of the service have demanded his resignation.

    That doesn't mean that I dislike XM. You are correct that for a
    person like me with eclectic tastes, the service is still miles ahead
    of SIRIUS. However, I do notice changes in sound quality, the fact
    that radio edit versions of songs are played instead of album cuts,
    and that playlists are getting smaller. None of this resembles the XM
    I knew only a few short years back.

    It's sort of sad that satellite radio isn't where we had hoped it
    would be. Stocks are still hurting and both companies still aren't
    turning a profit despite promise that it will happen soon.

    I'm just afraid of what these services feel it will take to bring
    in those that have not embraced pay radio. Already it seems that
    the quality of music both in sonics and selection have taken a huge
    decline in order to expand entertainment programming. What
    happened to the days when MUSIC was the most important
    factor to why we turned our radios on everyday?
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    I just got XM with my '06 Passat. I have to say that overall I'm disappointed with the SQ on most of the XM music channels. The sound to me is "Thin" and voices have a slight echo to them (kind of like a low quality mp3 or WMA).

    A couple of other things I'm upset about:

    1) There ARE commercials on the "non-commercial" stations.
    2) I happened to like the U-POP station and it has been taken over by "Holly" for the season.

    May just get the IPOD adapter/interface and buy 12 songs a month to add to the IPOD.
  3. TheLongshot

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    Nothing wrong with getting an MP3 player. I have a Phatbox in my Jetta as well to suppliment my listening.


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