my Paradgim Titans vs. my Bose 201s

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    Apr 26, 2002
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    with all the Bose posts, I thought I'd post my recent "real world" observations on my recently replaced 201s.

    I bought the Bose 201's about 5 years ago. I wanted a basic set of bookshelf speakers for a recently obtained "hand me down" receiver. I figured going with a "trusted name" in speakers was an easy enough call. well in comparison to the old Aiwa boombox I was using, they sure sounded good.

    well a few weeks ago I replaced them when buying my first surround set up. For the same $200 I originally spent on the Bose, I picked up a pair of Paradigm Titans for up front. I did a brief side by side comparison.

    I was never a big fan of the high end on the Bose, and their "radiating" technology that calls for the highs to be "bounced" off the walls. it never really "worked" for me, and I felt the high end was almost non-existent. Well, when now compared to the Titans, I saw how true this was. There are actually instruments in the music I had never heard before. And for TV, I noticed a percussion instrument in the beginning of NYPD Blue I didn't even know was there (sounds like those two round wooden sticks you hit together in elementary school music class).

    Bottom line, as with many Bose situations, I probably wouldn't care so much if I had spent significantly more on the Titans than the 201s - the improvement would be expected. But to pay the same price for the Titans and get such a better sound was something I found very interesting.
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    Actually you paid less for the Titans. $200 now is not worth as much as $200 5 years ago!

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