My panasonic rv-31 locked up!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by RobP, Jul 18, 2001.

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    OK I did get it working again but it kinda scared me so I thought I would put up a post to see if anyone else has had simialar experiences. While watching a movie it completely froze up. I thought maybe the disc was dirty so i tried to eject it but it wouldnt eject. I turned the unit off and it took about a minute but finally shut off. I turned it back on but still wouldnt eject. so i unplugged the player. after powering up i finally got my disc out. it had a tiny hair on it which explains why it wouldnt read but i dont know it wouldnt eject. Anyways it seems ok now.
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    This exact same thing happened to me. I was watching "How Green was my Valley" for the first time, having not even taken it off the spindle before this, the disc was in perfect shape, but for some reason my player locked up. It locked up a little over 8 minutes in, and although i could press buttons on my remote and the LCD screen would show the change, nothing would happen to the display on my monitor. The disc would not eject and after i pressed power it took over minute for it to actually turn off. i tried turning it back on, which it did, but the disc would still not eject. the player would sit in read mode forever, or it would sit with the LCD and screen showing open, but the player remained stubbornly shut. after sitting on open for about a minute hte display would switch back to read mode, in which nothign happened. I unplugged the player and pluggd it back in to no avail, so i unplugged it, left it for about five minutes, then plugged it back in. It seemed to be working fine once again so i jumped to the 8 mminute mark where i was before and started watching again. at about the 16:30 mark the same thing happened! it froze up again! disgusted i got up left to go do some other things. When i got back later that night, i saw my mom had moved the dvd player out of my room and to the big tv in the living room in order to watch dancer in the dark, and memento, which she had rented, both of which played fine. Earlier this morning my little sister watched spy kids on the same setup with no problems. So just a half hour ago i set down to watch "The third Man" which i got from netflix. This time my panny froze up around the thirteen minute mark, i tried for about five minutes to coax it into to working, finally i just unplugged it, and headed here to see if anyone has had a similar problem.
    So does anyone know what could be causing this? and how it might be fixed? I got my Panasonic in mid may new from sears, and i haven't had any problems with it besides this.
    Help someone, i wanted to watch Dancer in the Dark, third man, memento, last temptation of christ, and how green was my valley this weekend, but i'm already way behind [​IMG]

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