My ongoing Toshiba 50H81 / Sears tragedy!

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    The basics- I bought a 50h81 back in Sept. '01. I love it. Great pic, very adaptable.Was using a Panny rp56 and loved it too.
    In Dec I purchased a Zenith 1080 HD STB and again, both my wife and I love it.
    Okay here's the January the DVD picture went almost completely white. Sound is fine, all DVDs were the same story...AND it didn't matter how I hooked it up- component, s video, whatever, same story. I naturally assumed it was the DVD player and returned it for a new one- same story.
    I had purchased both the units at Sears and called to set up service. The first time I set up a date they gave me a window of 12-5pm. Fine. I left work at 11 and got home to a message on the machine- with a time stamp of 11:30- saying that they had to cancel and had rescheduled me for the following Friday.
    I was understandably irritated and and let them know that when I called. They were apologetic and I rescheduled.
    Hey, everybody makes mistakes right?
    Well, unfortunately I'm coming to realize that Sears service, at least locally, is almost insanely
    incompetent. When the guy came out the following week, on time, he said he had no idea, but said, "It's probably a compatibility issue, you should get another DVD player" Now, I had hooked up this DVD player to my old RCA and it worked fine there, but, hey, he's the expert.
    So, I traded in the Pan RP56 for a JVC 62-somethingorother and proceeded home to watch more white cloudy nothing on my beloved Toshiba.It is almost as if the TV has decided it only wants the signal from the STB, although we did disconnect the STB and try the different DVD players ny themselves.
    Another call to Sears, another window of 12-5pm on a Saturday. Hesitant due to my first service brushoff, I called that Sat morning to verify my window and was told it had been changed to 5-7pm due to the tech getting 'a late start'. Glad I called. Well I said 'Fine, I'll see you then'
    I was on my way home from my shop at 4pm when the Sears service dispatcher called me on my cell phone
    and told me the tech was on his way to my home and would be there any minute.
    I informed her that I had a 5-7 window and that I wouldn't be home till about 4:40.
    She said "Well, if no one's home we'll reschedule"
    To which I said, probably more emphatically than she anticipated, 'This is not my screwup. If he is there before me he should wait till the time I was assured he would be there.'
    She said 'Sir, if you're going to be rude, you have a good day.' ...and hung up on me.
    When I got home I found a message staing that the tech had been at the house at 4:30 and no one was home. Call to reschedule. Funny thing, though, my father in law and brother were in the front lawn the whole time pulling up nadinas (sp) and no tech ever pulled up.
    Any way, I realize I have gone off on a rant here and I'm no Dennis Miller, but this whole situation has gotten me thoroughly ticced.
    I have since gone directly to the service center to introduce myself and make it clear that the problem needed to be fixed.
    Bottom line- today I was told that the part they want to try to fix the situation with- a hyper board- is on backorder till next month and they are going to exchange the unit.
    I have 3 questions for anyone who has waded through
    my longish diatribe:
    1) Has anyone heard of anything like this problem- the TV, not the Sears problem- I'm sure all locales vary as to Sears service competency.
    2) Should I replace with the same 50h81 unit?
    3) Should I try to get the 57h81 instead (the difference online from what I paid for the 50 and the 57 now is only $225- seems reasonable)
    Thanks for any responses and I apologize for the long rambling monologue- it's been a frustrating ordeal and i just wanted to share the joy.
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    I've found Sears headquarters HATES stories like this. Perhaps a print our of your thread here with a note of the number of members of the HTF send via snail mail to corporate headquarters will get you smiling. If you really want to drive it home, send it registered mail, return receipt requested.

    Let us know how you make out. I've got a 50H81 purchased from Sears in the last month.

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