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    I hope I have the correct area to post this. If not, I apologize in advance.

    I am in need of some advice:

    I am currently finishing my basement off, I will have a dedicated room for my hometheater when finished [​IMG] . What I am hoping to put in here is a nice front projector setup and seating for 5 people. The room is 22' x 13'6". Upstairs I have a Mits 55" HDTV, Harmon Kardon Rec, B&W speakers, plus various video sources.

    In the new area I would like to spend ~$8k for everything, projector, speakers, receiver, seating, screen, etc. everything. I know this is a little tight. I have come up with this so far:

    Panny L300U = $2,000
    Seating - couch & 2 chairs = $2,800
    DIY screen = ~$250 $100
    Anyone have the ultimate $1800 audio setup suggestion?

    Any and all input is appreciated.


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    I forgot to include a mount for the projector - how much should I budget for that?

    Thanks again.

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    Hi Adam,

    At first look, I'd say you're spending WAY WAY WAY too much money on the seating. You can go to IKEA and pick up some pretty comfortable, inexpensive seating... or better yet (if you are handy with woodworking) build your own sofa and chair frames and upholster some thick foam. It's your HT, so do what you want, but I would recommend putting the money into the equipment... not the furnishing. The seating and decor can be changed or upgraded a lot easier and cheaper than equipment can. The lights stay low in an HT, so nobody's gonna see the furniture anyway. For an $8K budget, I would recommend:

    Display: Panasonic PT-L300U $2000
    DVD : Denon 1600 $500
    Speakers: Mirage Omni 250, CC, and FX (2 pair) $2000
    Sub: SVS 16-46PCi : $650
    Receiver: Denon 2803 (90 X 7) $800
    Vutec Screen $600.00
    Samsung SIR-TS160 DirecTV HDTV Tuner $600.00
    Sofa and Two Chairs: $460 (at Ikea - see the KLIPPAN sofa for $199 and 2 Tulsta armchairs at $129 each)
    Cabling: $400

    Total: $8,010

    This set up would give you a pretty impressive set-up including some awesome sound and a 100" display. Think about it...

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