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Jun 19, 2001
I finally finished my flexy rack...
Sorry, I don’t know how to post pics directly into the msg, but did include the link to my yahoo photos area where the pics can be viewed:
The pictures show the equipment: Denon 3801, JVC VCR, Sony DVD player, and of course the 32” Sony Vega. In the corner is the SVS 25-31PC.
In one of the pictures you’ll see floor standing speakers...those are old Cerwin Vega speakers I need to get rid of, sell or give to brother. On top of those are my surrounds, Paradigm Atoms, I haven’t had a chance to mount in back yet, “I’m breaking them in” is the lazy excuse I’m using. I have Mini’s I’ll be using as mains, they’re still in the box because I have no where to put the Cerwin’s until I get rid of them...actually it’s no where that the spouse approves of. To the left of the flexy you’ll see my “old” rack...too narrow to house any of the newer equipment.
The specs:
3/4” Oak plywood
5/8” all-thread
hardware: neoprene washers, steel washers, steel nuts
1” banding veneer
flat black paint & primer
MinWax wood stain, Red Oak color
The rack is 50” tall, 20” deep, and 36” wide. The inspiration of the rack was to house a 32” Sony Vega, but more importantly to have a solid foundation to put my Paradigm CC370 center channel. That CC370 is a beast and placing it on top of the TV yielded the best results, but the top of the Sony only has a 4” deep “shelf”...the CC is a little over 10” deep. Having 3” hanging over on each side just didn’t make me feel comfortable.
The project took me three weekends, but not full time... about 8 hours total the first weekend and 3 hours each of the other two weekends. First weekend was drilling holes and banding; second weekend was staining wood (by far the hardest part for me, because I had never stained anything before; it wasn’t difficult I’m just hard to please when I do stuff myself); third weekend was painting hardware and putting it all together.
It seemed like longer than it really was, but it was worth it. I like the color of the stain but I streaked it a little (first timer getting overly eager)...which you can’t really tell from a distance and with stuff on it.
I primed and painted steel nuts & washers with flat black spray paint.
The all-thread was painted once rack was put together; trial and error showed that trying to paint the all-thread then thread on the bolts didn’t work; it stripped the paint off the all-thread, not a lot but enough to annoy me.
I used a banding veneer to cover the ends of the plywood; thank you Ryan Schnacke for telling me about this product! It’s great!
The hardware and paint was from Home Depot...love that place, they have just about everything, and cheaper than most other hardware stores.
The wood, rods and banding were from a local lumber store...Southern Lumber. The local Home Depots didn’t carry the all-thread in 6 foot lengths; and Home Depot’s plywood wasn’t quite as nice as Southern’s; plus they have a mill shop on site and cut to any dimensions you want. Nice!
My next project is to build an equipment rack (Five 20”x20” shelves just for components)... the left over wood from this project left me with two shelves for the next rack, so I’ll only need to buy enough wood for 3 more shelves, plus hardware, rods...I think I’ll wait until the end of summer.
Tons of help from this forum and all your input made this project happen for about $120; and most importantly the wife likes it too! :emoji_thumbsup:

Cam S

Jan 11, 2002
Ed, nice looking rack :D Glad it worked out so well for you, it's one of the nicer ones I've seen in the recent months. I'm debating wether or not to try a Flexy rack or a more traditional one for all my components, but who knows.

Ryan Schnacke

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Feb 5, 2001
Nice work, Ed. I've thought about extending mine to go over the TV and support the center channel like yours but I've been concerned about the weight in the center without a center support. How heavy is your CC370? Does the top shelf bow? Have you considered some structural support? I was thinking maybe a long metal bracket across the back edge.

I like the color you picked. I was initially a little dissapointed with the light finish of the stain I used. So when I went back to give it a coat of polyurethane I gave it a 4th coat of stain and then the 3 coats of poly. Now its a nice medium and the sanded poly really makes it feel smooth and professional. You might try adding another coat of stain if you're concerned with the streaking.

BTW I used some of the Minwax Polyshades stain - the stuff with polyurethane and stain all in one - for another project. That stuff really had a tendency to streak and clump. Not good at all for a consistent finish. Of course this stuff was out of date so maybe it was just a bad example. But now I'll stick to the tried and true method of applying stain and poly seperately.


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Jun 19, 2001

Thanks. I tried using the IMG icon but it didn't want to work, so I gave up and just did the link...it looks like the pics still didn't come up on your post either. Nice rack by the way; I like how you added the "exterior walls" to it. How did you attach them?


Thanks. I really owe you a thanks...that banding really did work well...

The CC370 weights in at 25 lbs. The four rods and the shelf have no problems supporting this load, but there is a bit (and I do mean little) of a twisting motion between the top and TV shelf, but only when you shake the top shelf back and forth. I'd like to add some kind of cross brace to take care of this (something that would go diagnolly from the top shelf to the TV shelf), but it would have to be on the sides because the TV protrudes out the back. I really don't feel uncomfortable about this...it's really sturdy.

As far as top shelf bowing...that 3/4" plywood is very strong...I almost didn't put in a center rod in the bottom portion to support the TV, but decided I wouldn't chance it. So to answer your question...there is no bow. And because of the strength of the shelf there really isn't a need to structurally support it further.



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Jul 25, 2000
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I had them up, don't know why they are gone now. Must be something with your host website.
I attached the walls using 1" drywall screws. I only attached the walls to the top and bottom shelves, leaving the middle one free, incase I need to adjust it in the future.
Peace Out~:D


Nov 27, 2000
Excellent job Ed. I really like the finish you used. Thanks for sharing.


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