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    Oct 8, 2001
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    I recently purchased the Def Tech 15TL + subwoofer. I like it... a whole lot! it is a 15 inch sub with a 500 watt min. amp. It sounds WAY better than my former LFE handler, my 6 year old JBL sub. I paid $700 for it, and to my ear, it sounded better than the similairly priced Klipsh and Vedolyn. I was just wondering everyone's opinions on Def Tech subwoofers. Some people really don't like them, and I'm wondering why. Thanks
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    Feb 24, 2000
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    Gregory Bright
    Six years ago I bought a DefTech PF1500 (not the TL) second-hand (it was six months old) for two-thirds of list. This was one of the first big-time subs available. Velodyne made the other ones. It is still the only sub I have. Do I like it? Yes. Without reservation? No.

    My room has a mode at 30Hz that also corresponds to an output peak on the 1500 at about 30Hz. So...I have to deal with a big, big peak at 30Hz that's tough to cancel out. OTOH, it's good to 20Hz and lower so my pipe organ CDs really smoke. I have to think that DefTech has learned a few things about subs over the years so your 15TL "should" be smoother than my 1500.

    DefTech has pretty much left the big sub business and now concentrates on their little cubes. Market savvy, I guess. But you can't beat cubic inches for max output with minimum distortion. I hope you enjoy your 15TL as much as I have my PF1500. Best sound investment I ever made.


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