My most rewarding impulse buy

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by John*Jones, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. John*Jones

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    Jun 4, 2002
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    Well, when I went in to get some new speakers installed in my car, I picked up a XM Delphi car and home unit on a whim (my wallet wasn't very happy about that however).

    Anyway, thankfully my JVC reciever had a external input on the front (for my portable mp3 player) so I avoided having to use the FM tuner or cassette adapter. I had almost completely abandoned FM radio a few years back.

    This is perhaps the best buy I've made in years. Granted, had I researched it more, I might have considered Sirius more heavily and opted for the PCR instead of the home unit. But all things considered, I'm mightily impressed.

    Anyhoo, time to rediscover my love for oldies.

  2. Jed M

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    Oct 2, 2001
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    Welcome to satellite radio. [​IMG]

    Its just like tivo. Once you have it, its impossible to go without. Wait till you go on a road trip, thats the best part about it. Listening to the comedy channel on a road trip can make time fly. Whoever gets the rights to MLB and NFL will have a good thing going for them. Quite frankly the only thing more boring than listening the NBA (regular season) and NHL (regular season) is watching them. [​IMG] If you like sports talk at all, you made a good decision with XM, if sports talk aint your thing and you just like news talk, XM has plenty, but Sirius's trump card would be PBS Radio; well that and of course they are 100% commercial free (but they probably play 3-5 minutes of Sirius promos an hour) where XM is starting to put too many commercials on some channels, fortunately not the ones I listen to (yet [​IMG] ) .

    Either way (and I say this to everyone), both are excellent replacements for fm, and each one has its own advantages. I don't think you could be unhappy with either, but you can still prefer one over the other (like tivo and replaytv). Enjoy never having to accept static in your radio signal again.[​IMG]
  3. Joshua Clinard

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    Joshua Clinard
    There is NO WAY there is more than 60 seconds an hour of Sirius Promos. I Rarely hear them at all. I hear them maybe once or twice a DAY!
  4. Anthony Connor

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    Dec 8, 1998
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    To answer the question of the thread title, I would have to say that my Yamaha RX2095 AMP was the best thing I ever did. ( with regards to impulse buying ) Movies and music have never sounded so much better, and this amp has more than payed for itself.



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