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Gary Neuwirth

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Jun 30, 1997
I have a huge collection but I haven't watched any LD for over a year. So I feel it's time to sell them off. I'd rather sell them here and not fool around with ebay -- having to set up the auction page,etc. -- plus I'm hoping to sell a lot of them to individuals which will save time on boxing/shipping them.
My problem is that I want to sell them at a fair price and have no idea where to begin. I personally don't think I have "rare" stuff -- didn't collect any criterion. But there are probably a few gems that I don't know about.
If there is anyone that would like to help me out please email me privately. I will post the list here either this week or the next. Thanks
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Dec 21, 1998
You sound like me. Lots of LD's. Haven't watched an LD in months. How do you get fair market value for an excellent video format that was never excepted by the mass market? It is not easy because you are selling to such a small market.
I have sold a few titles on this forum, only titles that are not available on DVD. Once a title is released on DVD the LD price drops to nearly nothing. You can check ebay and half.com to get an idea what LD's sell for.
Some titles like the Indiana Jones trilogy are selling for $100.00 to $150.00. That is because even if the rumors are true Indian Jones will not appear on DVD for at least another year.
List titles not available on DVD and ask $20.00 a title, 3 for $50.00. You can always lower your price if you have an interested buyer. Those titles released on DVD will only sell for under $10.00.
Good luck.

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