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My Home Theatre - almost done (1 Viewer)


Jun 2, 2004
Hi there members and guests.

Well, I have finally managed to move everything into my new home theatre room, our old garage. I haven't got a homepage, but I have recently put some photographs in the Member's Gallery for anyone who's interested. These are the first photos, more to come in due course (and perhaps a website). Like others who have attempted to take photographs of their rooms, sometimes 2 dimensions doesn't quite do justice... but you at least get the idea.

Firstly though, I want to take this opportunity to thank EVERYONE at this forum for being so absolutely helpful in every respect. I have only posted a couple of times myself, but have gleaned so much information on HT from everyone elses posts and moreso by the always helpful, honest and wellmeaning responses that people give. It is a credit to everyone, especially the Administrators, that this forum contains hadly any 'fluff' - useless posts or flaming. It is a quiet place where I have been coming for a while - and enjoying immensely. So, thank you all.

My home theatre is by no means top of the line and probably only just middle of the line, but it fell in our budget and I am happy with it. Overall, the equipment, including the RPTV, was a tad under AUS$5,000.00 (budget), so obviously I haven't been able to stretch to the wonderful equipment that so many of you have. But, having been bitten badly by the HT bug, I can see an everlasting series of upgrades on the horizon...

The Theatre is our old garage - about 6.5m x 3.5m (11' x 21'). The Minister of the Interior (also Minister of Finance, Home Secretary and Minister of Health) graciously allowed me the funds to make the conversion, on the proviso that the room could be made into something else if and when the time comes to move house. So, unfortunately that precluded too much custom work and included a lot of compromises, but in the end, a happy medium was met.

Compromises that are so clearly evident, are the placement of the entrance door - right behind the left speaker (DOH!), the absolutely massive glass sliding doors at the rear, and the fact that the walls are drywal or concrete block. The floor, although carpeted, doesn't have much accoustic treatment underneath. Overall though, the room is actually very soundproof, which I am sure the neighbours are happy about.

Things to finish off will include some nice dark, heavy curtains for the rear wall/window, some new chairs (one day), some wall features (pictures etc) and a couple of racks for the CDs. Also, I have to get a nice long interconnect for the SUB, which you will see is places in the middle of no-man's land on the right hand wall. I am planning to put this in the back left hand corner for two reasons. 1. There is absolutely no room at the front for it, and 2. the rear left has a power outlet for the integrated amp.

Anyways, I hope someone out there might just get an idea or some inspiration from my theatre and this posting, or even if people look and see what not to do, then I guess that this forum will be doing it's job!

Of course, any and all suggestions, comments and criticicms will be gladly accepted.

Thanks again
Robert McGuire:)

Frank Zimkas

Supporting Actor
Mar 10, 2002
Looks like you've got the same problem Down-Under as we do here in the States....Damn Government!!;)

Your HT is looking good!

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