My Gray Screen Test #2 (HCCV/GrayDove/dDog/BO)

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Dustin B, Oct 31, 2003.

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    Recently finsihed my second gray screen test. The first one was using the high heat enamel spray paints and it really didn't go well. This second is just what the title says.

    Background is my plain blackout cloth screen (more cloth like side out). On the left is the dDog. Middle is the Vutec GrayDove. Right is the DaLite HCCV. The pictures come pretty close to showing what I saw (well at least on my monitor).

    Basically the HCCV least effected colors and whites. dDog sometimes looked like it didn't at all, other times it did something undesireable to me. GrayDove crushed some colors, but with proper projector calibration I'm sure that could be undone.

    GrayDove made the biggest difference to blacks. HCCV made almost no difference at all to my eyes (one or two fine shades at most). But none of them were what I would call significantly better than the blackout cloth. Especially considering the price and or effort difference.

    The biggest problem I had with all three samples was the sheening effect on really bight scenes. The lines that are showing up in the pictures were not apparent to me while watching, but what the camera isn't showing is how that bit of sheen you see moves making it very annoying (at least to me). Possibly the sheen is these lines moving and the camera of course froze them. HCCV was by far the worst for this. GrayDove and dDog where about the same with the dDog being a little better. No sheening period on the blackout cloth.

    Bottom line is for me, overall the plain blackout cloth produced the best picture. My brother knows squat about what the screens are supposed to be doing, I just asked him what he thought was the best and he reached the same conclusion.

    Finally here's the link to the pictures:

    PS- One kind soul who shall remain nameless so he doesn't get bombarded by requests for a sample was kind enough to use some of his left over dDog mix to paint and then mail me the dDog sample I used. Since he was so kind to do this I think it should be spread around to make the most use of his time. I'll mail it to the first and closest person who requests it. But that person has to do the same so this sample can get spread around to as many people as possible. I'll include a list along with locations of the other requests so we don't end up zigzagging it all over North America.
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    Keep in mind that the DDog sample I sent you was painted right over a fairly bright white vinyl material. If you painted it directly to your blackout cloth it wouldn't sheen as much and would be slightly darker.

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