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Jon B NY

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Jan 21, 2004
Hey everyone. All my prices are most definitely negotiable, although I feel I have tried my hardest to make these items as fairly priced as I can. I am willing to trade just as willing as I am to sell. If you have any questions feel free to send me a Private Message. I will provide pics if asked, no problem. All are region 1 items.

DVDs for sale and trade

THE KILLER official Criterion. One of the rarest DVDs around. Known to go for well over $250 on ebay during the Holiday season. Opened and played once to prove authenticity. $125

the Awful Truth season 2. $20

the Beatles: A celebration. $5

8 Mile. Unopened. $7

One Eyed Jacks. Opened. Never viewed. $5

Powder. Unopened. $6

Stigmata. Unopened. $6

WWF Summerslam ('99 I believe...it's the one with Jesse Ventura on the cover). $7.

Each DVD is $2.50 S/H.

Laserdiscs for sale/trade

Each Laserdisc is $4. 3 for 10. All sleeves range from fair to good condition. The discs seem fine and not scuffed up. None of them have scratches. I bought these used and do not own a LD player. Figured someone else would maybe like 'em.

Cadillac Man. Robin Williams.
The Program. James Caan.
The Firm. Tom Cruise.
The Piano. Holly Hunter & Harvey Keitel.
Gremlins. Pheobe Cates.
Phantom of the Opera. Robert Englund.

S/H is $3.00 for the first and $1.50 for each additional.

Video games for sale/trade

All are adult owned and well taken care of. I am a video game nut! :)

GCN - Legend of Zelda collectors disc (SEALED. Ultra rare, never sold in stores). $30

GCN - Metroid Prime. $10

GCN - Nintendo Gamecube preview disc. Features 5 cool demos for VIEWTIFUL JOE, SPLINTER CELL, SONIC DX, SOUL CALIBUR 2, and BILLY HATCHER & THE GIANT EGG. I highly reccomend this demo disc. $5

GCN - Super Mario Sunshine. $15

PS2 - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy. $10

GBA - Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario 3. Ultra rare version from Walmart that came with 7 extra E-Reader cards that are now oop. These include two levels that'll never be found anywhere else. Big collecters item goes for as much as $60 on ebay. Still sealed and the box isn't even dented. $40

S/H is $2.50 each.

My wants list

This is FAR from complete. I just have a terrible memory. If you are interested in trading anything, make me an offer or show me your list. I am always thinking of new things I want and who knows...maybe it'll be on your list. :)

KILL BILL BOX SET (desperate - see here: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/htfo...24#post2203424)

Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t

The Office: Season 1 or 2

Kill Bill volume 2 OST.

Any cool Kill Bill stuff (already have the R1 DVD).

(I will add more when I think of 'em).

Thanks for looking!

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