my first setup (no pics, but read anyway)

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    since everyone always posts about their new setups, i thought i should announce my new, and first, surround sound setup.
    i should start off by saying that early on in my demoing, i reallized what a huge part of my theater will be dedicated to music. in the beginning i had thought 80% movies, 20% music but really it's much closer to 50/50. so after a couple months of demoing speakers and receivers in my price range (always starting off demos with music in stereo) i finally decided on the marantz sr6200, monitor audio bronze 2's (mains), bronze centre, bronze 1's (surrounds), and a paradigm ps-1000 sub. but that's not all my friends, i also bought an nad 533 turntable. good lord, is it sweet. last night i listened to miles davis' greatest hits in both stereo and pl2 and what a treat that was.
    this speaker/receiver combo i found to be the most... uhhh... detailed of what i listened to. i found paradigm's monitor 3's to be a bit too boomy, the boston's i listened to just didn't quite cut it, same with the b&w's i listened to (although i've heard that if you really want good b&w's you've gotta PAY for them). in the end it was between the MA bronze's and the mirage frx-3's because of their detail and excellent sound stage. while close, the bronze's beat them out by a small margin and now i'm in music and movie heaven.
    i should also say, HUGE props go out to jay mitchosky for spending a good chunk of his day yesterday (4 - 5 hours) helping me setup. i certainly couldn't have done it on my own.
    once i get a better a/v rack for my equipment, i'll post pictures.
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