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My first SACD/DVD-Audio Listen! (1 Viewer)

Perry Jonkheer

Second Unit
Jan 31, 1999
WOW!! That's all I can really say right now is wow!

I came home with DSOTM - SACD and GBYBR - DVD-A and they both sound simply amazing. Such a difference compared to what I'm used to.

I would have to say the DVD-A disc sounds considerably better than the SACD, but I don't want to take anything away from the SACD because it sounds fantastic as well.

I went with bluejeans for my 6 RCA cables and I couldn't be happier with them.

My one problem with all of this is now I'm going to be spending WAY too much money on media. Oh well, I guess that's part of being into a hobby like this.

Ok, off to bed now. Just wanted to share.

Thank you to all for answering my questions in other threads.



Rachael B

Senior HTF Member
Jun 5, 2000
Knocksville, TN
Real Name
Rachael Bellomy
Perry, you're jumping to conclusions about the 2 format's sound quality. You's needs more data! The 2 formats have roughly similar potential on SQ. The thing is, what do you bring to encode to that format. Also, some players have a bias as to which of the two formats they'll play better, no doubt. I have both of those 2 titles on SA-CD and I'd say the Elton John is more impressive in some ways...

Hold your horses tenderfoot! Upon further review....:)

Perry Jonkheer

Second Unit
Jan 31, 1999

I understand what you're saying. I didn't mean the DVD-A "format" was better than SACD. All I meant was the DVD-A I own is a better sounding disc than the one SACD I have. I look forward to auditioning more discs in the near future.


Second Unit
Mar 26, 2004
Agreed, while i think the music and for its age, it is pretty damn impressive, but it's not one of the best discs I've heard.

Perry, I wouldnt worry about spending too much money, as you'll quickly realize unless you buy lots of classical, that new releases are few and far between and you'll be all caught up in no time. It might be a little shock to the pocket book at first, but within 6 months, you'll be impatiently waiting for more releases like the rest of us. :emoji_thumbsup:

for good sounding(multichannel) sacd's try:
steely dan-gaucho
joe satriani-strange beautiful music
NIN-downward spiral

those are my 5 demo discs... besides the 2 you already own.

for dvd-a you might try:
porcupine tree-in absentia
steely dan-everything must go
NIN-downward spiral (dual disc)
REM-automatic for the people
blue man group-audio

Jeffrey R

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 5, 2002
Depending on how impulsive you are, your introduction to hi-rez music could prove very expensive. :)

In the past few weeks, here's a brief run-down on my hi-rez purchases:

6 of the Miles Davis single-layer SACD's
Carole King Tapestry single-layer SACD
Both Allman Brothers SACD's
Layla SACD
Ray Charles SACD
Louis Armstrong SACD's (W.C. Handy, Satch Plays Fats and Ella and Louis)
Both Aimee Mann Mobile Fidelity SACD's
Roxy Music Avalon SACD
All of the Elton John SACD's except "Elton John"

I had a decent collection before these as I have been purchasing hi-rez for about 2 years, but frankly, I don't regret purchasing any of these latest ones. Once you get a taste of hi-rez, it can be tough to stop purchasing them.

Of the discs I listed, the best sounding to me are the MoFi Aimee Mann. If you have no MoFi SACD's, I'd say you have to try some out. So pure in sound. The most surprising of my purchases are the Louis Armstrong ones. Never owned any of his music, but he's an amazing performer. The W.C. Handy SACD is so impressive for a 1950's recording. It's one of the more "fun" SACD's (or CD's for that matter) I have heard.

Felix Martinez

Aug 27, 2001
South Florida
Real Name
Felix E. Martinez

Glad you're enjoying hi-res!

But as was stated, you're comparing apples & oranges by stating one format sounded better than the other based on two different recordings. You probably meant you thought DSOTM sounded better than GBYBR.

Enjoy! Lots of great stuff out there!

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