My first peice of Home Theater equipment.

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  1. Eric Vigil

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    Mar 6, 2002
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    I, just this week, bought a Sony KP-53HS20.
    I have many questions. I'm sure in time they will all be answered, but for now I need to get a manual.
    I bought this television from Best Buy as a floor model, it came with no documentation. I have looked up and down the Sony site and called tech support. They offered to sell me a manual for $6+ shipping, but I wanted to check with you guys first to see if it is available for download somewhere.
    My other question is about getting my Audio to play through my stereo.
    I have a Sony modular rack unit (I know its not concidered Elite, but I bought it years ago). Presently I can get the sound to play while playing a DVD if I connect into the DVDs audio output, but of course it doesnt play when the source is my Satelite receiver. If I connect the stereo to the TV's audio output, it doesn't play from any connected source. (Sat V1, DVD V3, VCR V4).
    Strange thing is, if I connect the Sat to the #1 coax connection and the Audio to the TV output, it plays through the stereo.
    I know I need to buy a receiver for this purpose, but I just bought the TV, its going to be a while before I open my wallet for this again. (This is my 2nd hobby
    [​IMG] )
    OK, thank you all for reading this, as time goes by I promise to learn the lingo, and make my questions more legible. [​IMG]
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    Hello Eric - Welcome to HTF

    First thing you need to do is turn the contrast and brightness down on the TV. Doing so will make the TV look better (more film like) and last a LOT longer.

    I recommend you either buy, rent, or borrow a copy of AVIA or Video Essentials. These will help you calibrate both the TV and audio.

    As for the audio, can you tell us more about the hookups on the TV and Sony unit. The DVD part works - that's good. The audio out from the TV should go to one of the audio in's on the reciever part of the rack unit. Either TV in or SAT in. There may be some switch to turn on the external audio outs on the TV.
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    Jan 22, 2002
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    If you aren't looking to upgrade your rack unit, and it has a limitation on the amount of connections it can take, than buy a A/V selector. Won't cost more than 30 bucks, for one with all A/V which would be standard RCA audio, and RCA video, and s-video connections. Connect your Satellite, DVD, and HIFI VCR to the inputs,(obviously you will need to get one with enough inputs) and run the video out to the TV, and the Audio out to the rack units input. You can then select which source you want to play through your stereo with the push of a button. Some even come with remotes?

    Obviously a good reciever will do all of this switching for you, but in the mean time, I assume a 30 dollar investment sounds better to you than a 500 dollar one.

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