Directors my fav. tv characters

Discussion in 'Movies' started by scottLarson, Jan 7, 2005.

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    1. Homer Simpson-He is one of the most recognizable characters of all time. He has lot of catch phrase Even one as made the dictionary. D’oh

    2. Al Bundy-He is not your typical dad because he does not know best. This character broke many taboo rules in tv good or bad.

    3. Norm-He is one of the main reasons that I really like Cheers. He is one of the funniest TV characters of all time.

    4. Archie Bunker-One of the most influence TV characters. If not for the success of Archie Bunker breaking tv rules will not have Al Bundy, Homer Simpson, and Peter Griffin.

    5. Bart and Lisa Simpson-In the early years of the Simpsons. Bart was the main character with Homer on the side. Lisa is a perfect foil to Bart. She is complete opposite of Bart
    and it works.

    6. Eric Cartman-He is probably one of the most selfish characters of all time. We love him for it. If he was real half the things that he says would probably would lead into asskicking.

    7. Frasier-He is a rarity in TV history. He was involved with two long running tv sitcoms. How many TV characters can say that?

    8. Beavis and Butt-Head-One of the main reasons that tv animation got going in the 90’s. These were also very controversial because parents cried wolf when some kid sets fire
    because Beavis says fire.

    9. Joey-He is my fav Character on Friends. I think he is one of the reasons that Friends was so popular

    10. Chandler-My second fav character on Friends. He is one of the most sarcastic
    characters of all time. If not for Chandler there will be no Joey. I think that is main problem with the tv show Joey. Joey as no foil to play off on.

    11. Cliff-He is the sidekick for Norm. He is great foil to Norm and Carla.

    12. Peg Bundy-Al Bundy will not be Al Bundy without Peg.

    13. Niles-He and Frasier make a great comedy team.

    14. Carla-She is one of the most sarcastic characters of all time. She is really harsh towards Cliff and my least fav on Cheers which is Diane

    15. Master Shake-More then Cartman He is the most selfish character of all time. One of the greatest pick on people characters. I love it when he picks on Meatwad.
    16.Tim Tyler-One of the funniest at getting hurt. Great physical comedy.

    17.Barney Five-Can’t have fav tv characters list without Barney.

    18.Ren & Stimpy-The first rude animation tv characters in the history of tv. These cats led to Beavis and Butt-Head and South Park

    19.Carl-He,Al Bundy and Tim are the best at getting hurt. I think that Carl is better because he is a cartoon which means he can hurt more often and worse

    20.Bender-Great voice work for this character. He is my fav character on Futurma

    21.Stewie-One of the few baby characters I like. Other then Maggie and Pebbles, He is probably the most famous baby cartoon tv character of all time.

    22.Fred and Barney-The first tv animation character that broke through.

    23.Scooby and Shaggy-Probably the greatest dog tv character of all time and human cartoon character of all time

    24. Frank and Marie Barone-My fav characters on everybody loves Raymond. There great foils for each other and the rest of the cast. Strong enough characters to have their own show.

    25.Meatwad and Frylock-Great foil to Master Shake. If not for these characters I don’t think that Master Shake would be as cool.
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    John Williamson
    Good thread idea.

    1. Clark Kent (Smallville) Tom Welling is excellent as the future man of steel.

    2. Hank Hill (King of the Hill) An old fashioned kind of guy, a good father and one hell of a propane salesman.

    3. Boomhauer (King of the Hill) Dang o' man, I tell you what, tha ding ol' talkin all crazy, can't understand that' need ol' dictionary man.

    4. Lex Luthor (Smallville) Micheal Rosenbaum nails that charactor, even more so than Gene Hackman IMO.

    5. Gabrielle Solis (Desperate Houswives) Just for Eva Longoria's hotness! She's by far the finest woman in prime time, I can't take my eye's off her when she's on-screen!

    6. Alan Shore (Boston Legal/The Practice) As played by James Spader, he's so damn smug, but he's also very smooth and cool with a very unique, and funny, frequent use of the english vocabulary.

    7. Adrian Monk (Monk) The funniest, and most warm hearted, detective in recent memory, he almost makes being a nervous-nelly seem not so bad.

    8. Sherona Flemming (Monk) For her weekly cleavage! [​IMG] Also, because she care's for Monk. It's going to really suck when she leaves the show. [​IMG]

    9. Joe Rogan (Fear Factor) Because of his no quit spirit and go get em attitude, he's the reason half of the contestant's don't just throw in the towel when the stunt is introduced. It's fun watching him get pissed when someone quits over something stupid.

    10. Jonathan Kent (Smallville) As played by John Shnieder, he is the quintessential father figure, kind but stern, stubborn but loving and willing to risk his own life for his family.

    11. Inspector Sledge Hammer (Sledge Hammer!) Lasting only two hilarious seasons, this is the crazy trigger happy lawman who's hatred of criminal scum and yogurt eatin' creeps is matched only by his love of violence, excessive force and a certain 44 Magnum. Trust him, he know's what he's doing. [​IMG]

    12. Buffy Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Anyone who says that Sarah Michelle Gellar has little acting range, has obviously never watched this show.

    I could be here all night listing all of them from my entire tv watching life, so i'll stop right here. I'll come back in and make additions when my patience returns. [​IMG]
  3. MarkHastings

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    I once heard that the character of Frasier is the longest running character ever.

    1984 - 2004 = 20 years
    1984 - 1993 (Cheers)
    1993 - 2004 (Frasier)

    The only one who could ever come close, would be "Joey" (i.e. Matt LeBlanc), but his new show would have to be on the air until 2014. [​IMG]
  4. LewB

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    In no particular order -

    Tony Soprano - 'sometimes you just have to take time to stop and smell the gorilla s--t'
    Al Swearengen - 'c-cksuckers!'
    No. 6 - 'Be seeing you ...'
  5. Jack Briggs

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    That is, when the thread's located in its proper area. This has been moved to Polls.
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    Except, it isn't a poll... ??
  7. LanieParker

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    Apr 15, 2004
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    Lex Luther ~ He is by far my favorite character in any show. M. Roesenbaum IS Lex Luther.

    Bill Haverchuck ~ I am such a sucker for nerdy guys. He is my favorite character on Freaks and Geeks. I will watch episodes and rewind his scenes over and over.

    Marshall ~ When I first started watching Alias I was like, " Hey that is the tourist guy from Roswell". I love him. He is yet another nerdy guy I am inlove with. He brings alot of much needed comic relief to the show and the show really wouldn't be the same without him.

    The entire Seinfeld cast ~ It's my favorite show ever!

    Max Evans ~ He made the show. He is just one of those guys you would love to know. Mysterious but sort of scary at the same time.

    Sydney Bristow ~ She kicks so much ass and is beyond hot.
  8. Lew Crippen

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    May 19, 2002
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    Bob and Emily

    The Soprano family
  9. Ric Bagoly

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    Aug 1, 2002
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    Wha the shit?

    Where in the hell is

    Captain James T. Kirk??

    Kelly Bundy??

    Samantha Miceli??

    Alex Keaton??


    Mr. Spock??

    Bo And Luke Duke??

    Jack Bauer??

    George Mason??

    Larry, Daryl, And Daryl??

    The Reverend Jim??

    Dan Fielding??


    ED NORTON????

    Martin Tupper??

    Louie DePalma??

    Lust (Herman's Head)??
  10. JonZ

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    Dec 28, 1998
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    Tony Soprano - The Sopranos
    Frank Black - Millennium
    Al Swearengen - Deadwood
    Garek,Ben Sisko,Gul Dukat - Deep Space Nine
    Homer Simpson - The Simpsons
    Al Bundy - Married With Children
  11. Andy_Bu

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    Great thread but I have no idea why this is in the polls area. If this is in the polls area, almost every thread should be. Wierd choice by the mod.

    Anyway in no particular order,

    Al Bundy
    General Lee (who says a character needs to be animate [​IMG])
    Paulie Walnuts
    Londo Molari
    Vic Mackey

  12. Wayne W

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    Mar 12, 2002
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    Lt. Colleen McMurphy
    John Crichton
    Fox Mulder
    Dana Scully
    Claudia Jean Cregg
    Speed Racer
    Capt. John McIntyre
    Detective Harry Hooperman
    Winifred Burkle
    Det. James McNulty
    Omar Little
  13. Valerie G.

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    Apr 29, 2004
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    Here's my list, in no particular order... well, I guess I'll group them by show, if there's more than one:

    Lorelai Gilmore..... (Gilmore Girls)
    Emily Gilmore..... (Gilmore Girls)
    Luke Danes..... (Gilmore Girls)
    Jack O'Neill..... (Stargate SG-1)
    Samantha Carter..... (Stargate SG-1)
    John Doe..... (Uh, from "John Doe" LOL)
    Niles Crane..... (Frasier)
    Joan Gerardi..... (Joan of Arcadia)
    Thomas Magnum..... (Magnum, P.I.)

    Hmmmmmm... this is quite a bit harder than I thought it would be. It's hard, thinking about shows that I haven't seen in years, and trying to judge them by what I can remember. That's why my list is short, and mostly from newer shows.
    I'll come back through out the day and update the list as I come up with more for it.
  14. Rob Gardiner

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    Feb 15, 2002
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    JESSICA TATE (SOAP) and The General

    I second Bill Haverchuck, Spock, Data, and Garak
  15. Rob P S

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    Real Name:
    Colonel Potter - M*A*S*H
    Archie Bunker - All in the Family
    Edith Bunker - All in the Family
    Flo - Alice
    Mel Sharples - Alice
    Bosco - Third Watch
    Faith Yokas - Third Watch
    Frank Pembleton - Homicide
    Jack Bauer - 24
    Sherry Palmer - 24
    Nina Myers - 24
    George Mason - 24
    Ira Gaines - 24
    Grandpa and Grandma - The Waltons
    Frank and Marie Barone - Everybody Loves Raymond
    Louie DePalma - Taxi
    Jim Ignotowski - Taxi
    Jordan - The Bernie Mac Show
    Sophia Petrillo - The Golden Girls
    Nelson Muntz - The Simpsons
  16. Sue_New

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    Jan 4, 2005
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    Mulder & Scully hands-down. [​IMG]
  17. Ric Bagoly

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    Aug 1, 2002
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    This oughta be a Tourney...[​IMG]
  18. Nick Sievers

    Nick Sievers Producer

    Jul 1, 2000
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    The Soprano Family - The Sopranos
    Lindsay Weir - Freaks and Geeks
    Homer Simpson - The Simpsons
    George, Elaine, Jerry and Kramer - Seinfeld
    Ruth Fisher - Six Feet Under
    Al Bundy - Married with Children
    Bender Bending Rodriguez - Futurama
    Larry David - Curb Your Enthusiasm
  19. Robyn

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    Jul 25, 2004
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    Archie Bunker - All in the Family
    Eric Cartman - South Park
    Thelma Harper - Mama's Family
    Laverne DeFazio - Laverne & Shirley
    Shirley Feeney - Laverne & Shirley
    Georgia Lass - Dead Like Me
    Rube Sofer - Dead Like Me
    Jack Tripper - Three's Company
    Charles Ingalls - Little House on the Prarie
    Dennis Finch - Just Shoot Me!
    Jack MacFarland - Will and Grace
    George Lopez - The George Lopez Show
    Charlene Frazier - Designing Women
    Suzanne Sugarbaker - Designing Women
  20. Matt Stone

    Matt Stone Lead Actor

    Jun 21, 2000
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    Special Agent Dale Cooper - Twin Peaks
    Leland Palmer - Twin Peaks
    Sheriff Harry S. Truman - Twin Peaks
    Willow Rosenberg - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Xander Harris - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Angel - Angel
    Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - Angel
    Jack Bauer - 24
    Eric Cartman - South Park
    George Costanza - Seinfeld
    Tony Soprano - The Sopranos
    Nate Fisher - Six Feet Under
    Dr. Zoidberg - Futurama
    Stewie - Family Guy
    Homer Simpson - The Simpsons
    Lindsay Weir - Freaks and Geeks
    ADA Jack McCoy - Law and Order
    Detective Lenny Briscoe - Law and Order
    Lex Luthor - Smallville

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