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Aug 27, 2008
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Hi all, first time poster here
Anyway, I'm heading back to school in a few days and I figured I'd post here to see if anyone has any suggestions for my dorm theater.
I have a Planar PD7010 which I plan on taking with me to college. My dorm room is about 12x11, so I should be able to get a pretty large image with the only setback being viewing distance. Can’t really mount anything on the wall, so I’m content with projecting onto the wall. I have a 25ft DVI>HDMI cable (6ft cable just didn’t cut it) along with a 25ft 3.5mm F/M audio cable so I can connect my laptop (while keeping it on my desk) to the projector and speakers. I have an a HTPC (HP m2700n) turned file server for music and movies and such (so my roommates and I can stream from one massive Itunes + movie library) coupled with a Wireless 802.11n router. I have an RF demodulator that takes a coax input and a VGA output to the projector so I can watch cable tv. I have a 3 port HDMI switch for my pc, xbox360, and dvd player. My problem is audio. While I'm content with my weak Logitech Z2300 computer speakers+sub, I know it's going to be a hassle hooking up my speakers to the appropriate device when I switch between inputs. I know my laptop has a 3.5mm jack, and I have an adapter that takes red and white audio from xbox/dvd player/etc so I can hook those up to my speakers. Can anyone recommend me a good audio receiver or switch that is relatively cheap? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks-Gary

Planar PD 7010 Projector
Xbox 360
Upconverting DVD Player
Logitech Z2300 Speakers (2 Satellites + relatively largeSubwoofer)
RF Demodulator (VGA with 3.5mm audio input)
3 Port HDMI Switch
25ft DVI > HDMI Cable
25ft 3.5mm Audio Cable Extender
Asus F3SV-X1 Laptop w/ Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard
HP m2700n Media PC turned Server running Windows MCE + Xbox 360 Extender w/ 1TB External
Trendnet TEW-633GR Wireless Router/Switch (For media streaming)


Supporting Actor
Apr 27, 2004
Ahhhh, dorm life. We didn't have so much when I was in college, but we still rocked! I had an FM transmitter, so the whole floor could tune in and the whole building could hear us. mmmmm, sweet memories of Pink Floyd at 120 deciBels. Even better; Ride of the Valkyrie from ~16 pairs of speakers at 12000 deciBels!

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