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Sep 29, 2006
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Venkatramaiah Gidda
Hello everybody

I am a 57 yr old Doctor from a small town in Andhra Pradesh. I love movies and have been enjoying them on a 50" Sony 3LCD RPTV till now. Hadjust returned from the US of A with a Panasonic 200 720P LCD Projector and a Samsung 1080p8 upconverting DVD player.

This has enabled me to start on my longstanding dream of a dedicated Home Th.
I had a spare room on groundfloor which I had previously used as a Darkroom for phography. Since the digital age there is no longer a use for the same and I have decided to convert it into my HT.

The room size is 190" Long, 152" Wide and 144" High. I shall be having a false roofing installed to a height of 120", which would give me a Good acoustic Room Dimension. There will be a Split AC and 2 rows of seating - a front row of comfy
Sofa seats ( may be 4 lazy boys) and a backrow of reclining theatre seats- 4-5. on a
15” Riser.

My Design Goals in order of priority:

1.The picture
2.The Sound
3.Comfortabe Seating

To this end I have had a door and a window on a wall dummied for preparation as the Frontwall with the screen. The walls have been painted with a Very Dark Blue Color
As I didn’t want any light reflections from the screen degrading the image. Black Matte is the ideal color but I have yet to see any theatre with black on the walls. This color was nice looking and you can see the result in the attached screen image.

It’s been 3 days since I started on the projector and I have been able to get a sample screen image today.

I hope to post the entire construction as it evolves with my thoughts and doings.

The screen shots for your enjoyment.


PS: My Equipment will be 1. Panasonic PTAX200U LCD Projector. 2. Samsung DVD 1080P8 upconverting player OR Oppo 971H upconverting DVD Player.
3. Onkyo TX-SR504 AV Receiver. 4. Polk Audio – M40s for Front, CS1 Center,
RA101s for side and back surrounds with a DIY 15” 240W. powered Sub.



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Jan 28, 2008
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Sound good Gidda. Just a question, is your new ceiling going to be drop ceiling or joists with drywall? I would recommend staying away from drop ceilings because although they de-couple the sound from floors above, they don't allow the subwoofers to properly pressurize the room.

Also are going to use outdoor doors for your entry? I find these keep pressure in better and rattle less. I am using double-french garden doors with large windows for mine.

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