My butt is sore!!

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  1. from excersize that is....well..I should also say that I can feel the soreness coming on as I type.
    a week before Christmas, I had full ACL reconstructive surgery using part of my patelar tendon as a donar.. PT is going well so far. Prior to my injury, cycling was a big hobby of mine, so getting back on the bike is a big deal for me. I am into week 12 and today decided to step up my cycling on the stationary recumbant.
    45minutes on level 7. I am damn proud of myself. Just thought I'd share that with you.
    ..oh..and today I got permission from my orthopedic surgeon to actually ride my bike (on controlled surface streets for now)!!! woohoo!!![​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Good for you man!
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    Hey, way to go!! Whatcha do in the recovery period.. 12 weeks off the bike... As a person who rides every day, not sure how I could handle that...
    Anyway, here's my chance to say these two words in a good and motivating way:
    [c]Get 'bent![/c]
  4. thanks guys=)

    I have been off of my "real" bike for more like 6 months! I had the injury in september and held off the surgery till school allowed ...or I would have had to take a leave of absense.....very bad in grad school. Luckily this type of injury can have a delayed surgery.

    getting those leg back into shape after all sorts of attrafy (sp?) is no fun...

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