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My 1000th Review Live at digitallyObsessed

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Mark Zimmer, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Mark Zimmer

    Mark Zimmer Producer

    Jun 30, 1997
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    Hey folks,

    I thought I'd make mention that today I've broken the 1000 review barrier over at HTF partner www.digitallyobsessed.com. I got my start there after Bob Mandel, the original editor, saw some reviews I had done here at HTF on some classical music DVDs (a couple Beethoven symphonies, as I recall). I was taken on to do classical music reviews for their fledgling site as the first outside reviewer added to the stable, and then I fatefully expressed to Bob an interest in reviewing movies too. And oy, how the movies and music DVDs have come. 1000 of them solo (plus a handful of joint reviews not counted in that total). Plus I have half a dozen more in the can waiting to go live....

    Since my first review for the site was a DVD of the opera Turandot by Puccini (amazingly still in print, all these years later), present editor debi mandel thought it highly appropriate that my landmark 1000th also be of a classical music DVD, and you can see this massive 9-disc set's review here (and it's a dOc exclusive to boot).

    It's been a long and wild ride, with me accidentally developing something of a reputation in silent films, triggered by my long, long interview with film preservationist David Shepard . I've had a great time getting to meet the folks at dOc, and through them, talking to such heroes of mine as Ray Harryhausen and Patrick Macnee. I get to indulge my weird tastes such as Italian gialli, high-body-count horrors, lurid Jess Franco trash, singing cowboy movies and naughty nun pictures. And best of all, I get to spout off about them, often at excruciating length. It's been a life-changing experience in more ways than one. [​IMG]

    Anyway, thank you to Bob and debi and Jesse, all the great reviewers who make dOc what it is, and to all the readers out there who make dOc a daily pilgrimage and give us feedback. When I was at around 700 reviews I thought I might give it up when I hit 1000, but now that I'm here, I can't stop. So here's to the next 1000!

    --Mark Zimmer
  2. Tim Glover

    Tim Glover Lead Actor

    Jan 12, 1999
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    Monroe, LA
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    Tim Glover
    Congrats Mark. I've read some of your stuff. Good work...and Best wishes on your next 1000. [​IMG]
  3. Jeff Ulmer

    Jeff Ulmer Producer

    Aug 23, 1998
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    Congrats Mark, I don't know how you do it (looks at meagre 564 review list). [​IMG]
  4. JiM T

    JiM T Stunt Coordinator

    Apr 10, 1999
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    Way to go! [​IMG]

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