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    I just got my MX-500 and I was wondering if there is a problem with it (or just with the person operating it). I got the codes to work for my TV, Audio, DVD and VCR1, but when trying to program the 3 digit codes for VCR2, I cannot get the remote to scan through the codes (I tried 2 different VCRs, and I can't get it to work by manually entering any of the VCR codes for Sony OR Panasonic). The "signal" icon blinks, but the codes don't change when I hold down the UP/DOWN buttons. It works on the other devices, just not on VCR2.

    Another question is, I changed the name of "device" SAT to VCR3, but when I go to "page" for VCR3, the commands are not VCR commands. When I try to enter the 3 digit code for my VCR, it does nothing, which I think is because it is not a valid SAT code, correct? Do I need to do something other than simply change the name to get the remote to recognize that device button is for a VCR now and not a SAT? I have removed the batteries while I'm at work and will try it again when I get home, but I don't know what to do next if it still doesn't work.


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    You might find better answers here.
    I have the MX-500 and didn't have any problems programming. You can program any device to any of the 10 device buttons--it doesn't matter what they are named. For example, page 2 of my Cable setup is programmed with TV codes. If you aren't having luck with the pre-programmed codes, you can program each button individually with the learn function. This may take a few more minutes, but you will have a more customized remote for your needs and style. And when all else fail, re-read the instruction manual! I had to read it a couple of times when I was setting up macros.
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