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    I currently use an SL-9000 from the same company. It came with my B&K receiver. This is a good remote and I am happy with what it does as far as it goes. That said, I still have an array of 9 remotes under the coffee table. One of the problems is the missing menu button for programming vcrs etc. Another is the poorly labeled buttons which make it difficult for my wife to give up the dedicated sat remote. Neither of us have every used a LCD remote for any length of time but we are willing to give it a try. My question is, should I go with the mx-500 hard-button remote or the mx-1000 lcd remote? How difficult is it to get use to the lcd buttons? I'm inclined to give it a try but don't want to buy yet another remote and end up not using it.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.
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    While I am sure you know this, the 500 has a LCD screen (for labels) but it has hard buttons around the screen to press.

    Whether you want to always look down to be sure you were / are selecting the right button (touchscreen buttons like on the 1000) or have a real button for tactile feel is a matter of preference. I prefer the latter. Also, you should be aware that some users have had problems with the 1000 and the software it uses.

    For the ultimate remote, I would suggest the mx-700. It will do everything you need and then some. It can control up to 20 devices and can have macros on all buttons (the 500 can't). It has software that is used to program it (like the 1000 - but the 700 software works).

    For reviews and info check out

    I would read the reviews there and search the Home Theater Master forum at the site for user comments.

    A Happy mx-700 user
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    I returned my SONY AVS-3000 LCD remote due to a malfunction. After 30 days of use I can say that the LCD was very hard to read. I played with the brightness/contrast to no satisfactory level. Very disappointing. I believe if you read the reviews as directed in the previous post you will find similar complaints.

    I now have the MX-500. I can only say that this is a superb remote in many ways. It is not perfect, but damn close.

    Rather than go into the virtues of the remote, read the reviews at and see for yourself. I can't speak to the MX-700, but if it has all of the attributes of the MX-500 then you can't go wrong. The ability to read the remote in any lighting situation is outstanding. The hard gemstone buttons are a joy to use.

    The SONY (like the MX-1000) is a sexy toy. It received oohs and aahs from my guests - but the lcd left a lot to be desired. So I abandoned the big lcd for a lcd with buttons and I am absolutely thrilled.
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    Ed: You're getting good advice from the guys above.

    I'm kind of a remote junkie and in my remote "travels", I have used an SL-9000. It was ok for it's time but the MX-500 will just kick it's butt. IMO, it's the best $125 or so you can spend on a universal remote (I must admit I highly prefer button-based remotes.) To get the most out of a 500, you do need to spend a little time setting it up. Daniel over at has an Excel spreadsheet that lets you visually see how the LCD would look once the 500 is set up. Plus, you can always interact with the other MX-500 users at for specific issues. (I use an MX-500 in my smaller setup.)

    I agree with Rick that the MX-700 is definitely another step up from the MX-500. But you pay for that difference by spending at least another $200 or more. IMO, I don't think most users need a remote to do as much as the 700 can. But if you're looking for a premo button-based remote, the 700 IS hard to beat. (The 700 is my current remote in my main setup.)

    I have not used an MX-1000 but based on the user feedback at remotecentral, it's pretty clear the software has problems. So, even if I favored touchscreens in some form or another, I can't recommend something that just hasn't worked out very well for many users...

    Good luck with your remote search!
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    i have an mx-1000 which i won from a generous member here at htf. it was my first lcd remote and i have 0 problems with it at all. battery life could be better but i can live with having to replace batteries. the software works fine for me but you can run out of space quickly. if you have multiple devices and intend on using a multitude of different buttons for every menu, then the mx-1000 isn't for you. i designed my own buttons and label them as i see fit. it easily controls my television, dss receiver, dvd, pre-amp, and vcr. if i recall correctly, you can download the mx-1000 software from so i suggest you download it, give it a try, and see if it's to your liking. had i not received my mx-1000 for free though, i would probably have gone with the mx-500 due to cost.

    kevin t

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