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  1. Sam R. Aucoin

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    Jul 5, 1999
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    Although I got into the LD-game late (1999), I believe I have put together a very good collection. To those of you very familiar with LDs: which LDs would you add to the collection below:
    1. Some Like It Hot - Criterion (not on DVD and has supplementary material)
    2. Star Wars Trilogy: SE (not on DVD; reference quality picture and sound)
    3. Star Wars Trilogy: The Definitive Collection (not on DVD, and probably will never again be released; hardcover book and supplementary material)
    4. Star Wars Trilogy: THX remastered individual titles (not on DVD, and probably will never be released again; a steal at $9.95 each)
    5. Dances With Wolves: Director's Cut (not on DVD; over 3 hours, and has artwork and a book about the movie)
    6. Wyatt Earp: Special Expanded Edition (even the regular version is not on DVD)
    7. Tombstone: Director's Cut (Director's Cut not on DVD)
    8. Amadeus: Special Edition Boxset (although the movie is on DVD, this LD set has supplementary material, a book, and a CD of Mozart music, none of which appears on the DVD)
    9. Ben-Hur - (not on DVD and not slated for release any time soon)
    10. Jaws - Signature Collector's Edition (although the picture on DVD blows away the LD, this LD edition is the only one that has both the original mono soundtrack AND the complete documentary - the documentary on the DVD is edited)
    11. Schindler's List - Limited Edition (not on DVD and has supplementary material)
    12. Disney's Tron - Exlusive Archive Collection (although the movie is on DVD, this LD edition is packed with supplementary material and has the full cut of the movie, including the "love scene")
    13. Disney's Mary Poppins - Exclusive Archive Collection (although the movie is on DVD, this LD edition has supplementary material)
    14. Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Exclusive Archive Collection (not on DVD and has supplementary material)
    15. Disney's Alice in Wonderland - Exclusive Archive Collection Boxset (packed with supplementary material and artwork)
    16. Disney's Sleeping Beauty Boxset (not on DVD and packed with supplementary material and artwork)
    17. Disney's Pocahatas Boxset (although the movie is on DVD, this LD set is packed with supplementary material and artwork)
    18. Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame Boxset (although the movie is on DVD, this LD set is packed with supplementary material and artwork)
    19. Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (not on DVD and packed with supplementary material and artwork)
    20. Disney's Jungle Book 30th Anniversary Edition (although the movie is on DVD, this LD has supplementary material)
    21. Disney's Bambi 55th Anniversary Edition (not on DVD and has supplementary material)
    21. Disney's The Lion King Boxset (not on DVD and packed with supplementary material and artwork)
    22. The Godfather Trilogy Boxset (not on DVD; three movies re-edited in chronological order and includes numerous previously-deleted scenes; also has a supplementary LD about the making of the movies, and includes fascinating original screen tests of various actors who did not get the part)
    23. The Godfather I, II, and III (not on DVD; remastered widescreen editions)
    24. Robinson Crusoe on Mars - Criterion (not on DVD)
    25. Bad Day at Black Rock - Criterion (not on DVD; has director's commentary and is one of the most prized Criterion LDs)
    26. E.T. Signature Collector's Edition (not on DVD, and probably will be the last time the movie appears in video form with the agents pointing guns at the kids; packed with supplementary material and still available from retailers)
    27. Once Upon a Time in the West (not on DVD)
    28. Once Upon a Time in America (not on DVD)
    29. Indiana Jones Trilogy - WS (not on DVD)
    30. The Day the Earth Stood Still - Autographed Collector's Edition (not on DVD and packed with supplementary material)
    31. The James Dean Collection (only Rebel Without a Cause is on DVD; also has Giant and East of Eden; fantastic documentary about Dean)
    32. Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame - DTS (not on DVD; considered reference quality sound)
    33. Close Encounters of the Third Kind - 1998 Special Ed. (not on DVD)
    34. Close Encounters of the Third Kind - Criterion (not on DVD)
    35. Lawrence of Arabia - Criterion (not on DVD)
    36. Dr. Zhivago Boxset (not on DVD)
    37. The Beatles Anthology (not on DVD; considered reference quality picture and sound, and still available from retails at nearly 10% of the original retail cost)
    38. 12 Angry Men - Criterion (not on DVD)
    39. Disney's Swiss Family Robinson - Exclusive Archive Collection (not on DVD; has supplementary material)
    40. The Al Jolson Collection (not on DVD, and I believe the only way to own The Jazz Singer LD)
    41. Disney's Cinderella - Exlusive Archive Collection Boxset (not on DVD and packed with supplementary material and artwork)
    42. The African Queen Boxset (not on DVD and packed with supplementary material)
    43. T-2 Special Edition (although most of the material made it to the recent DVD special edition, the GunsNRoses video did not)
    44. Citizen Kane - Criterion CAV (not on DVD and has quite a bit of supplementary material)
    45. The Magnificent Ambersons - Criterion CAV (not on DVD and has supplementary material)
    46. Blade Runner - Criterion CAV (only the "Director's Cut" is on DVD; non-director's cut; has Ford voice-over and extra violence; includes supplementary material; although this movie has been slated for a special edition release some time in 2001, no one knows what content will be on that edition)
    47. The Nightmare Before Christmas Boxset (unsure if all supplementary material made it to the recent DVD SE)
    48. Gettysburg Boxset (coming to DVD; has authentic Civil War bullet and supplementary material that will probably not be a part of the DVD release)
    49. Disney's Aladdin (not on DVD)
    50. Disney's Beauty and the Beast (not on DVD)
    51. Disney's Beauty and the Beast - A Work in Progress (not on DVD, and probably never will be)
    52. Disney's Pinnochio Boxset (only movie is on DVD; Disney's first LD boxset; has supplementary material and artwork)
    53. Star Wars - The Phantom Menace (not on DVD; considered reference quality sound and picture)
    54. Disney's Peter Pan (remastered and has supplementary material)
    55. Titanic - DTS (considered reference quality sound)
    56. Halloween - Criterion (has what is considered to be one of the best running commentaries ever made)
    57. Boogie Nights - Criterion (although this movie has been released twice on DVD, including a recent 2-disc special edition, neither DVD has the documentary about John Holmes, Exhausted - the LD does)
    Any others?
  2. Walter Kittel

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    Dec 28, 1998
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    My suggestions are mostly assuming that you are approaching this from the standpoint of acquiring collectibles. Additionally, any film that hasn't made its way to DVD that you can get a copy on LD is a good purchase if you enjoy the film, IMHO.
    Any of the Disney Boxset LDs would be a good selection.
    Disney's Song of the South will never make it to DVD. Not sure it is worth the money you'll have to fork over to get a copy on Ebay, for instance.
    Any Criterion LD is probably a good idea, especially the films on DVD that have gone out of print, once again in terms of collectibles, since some of the titles are now available from Winstar. ( The Killer, Hard Boiled, Salo )
    Any films from studios not licensing titles to Criterion for DVD probably would be good acquisitions. ( Columbia Tri-Star films for instance. Note: that these titles will eventually be making their way to DVD, and while their SE content may be inferior, their presentation is very likely to be superior. )
    Here are a few suggestions ( some of these are personal favorites and might not be construed as 'must have's )...
    Microcosmos - ( gee, I've already mentioned this once today ) - Reference quality LD video. As good as it gets and who knows when Buena Vista is going to release this title.
    Jackie Brown - Is Buena Vista ever going to release this great film to DVD? Doesn't seem so.
    Sling Blade - Criterion LD has a great Billy Bob Thornton commentary track.
    Raging Bull - Criterion CAV has a Martin Scorsese commentary track. I believe the CLV version doesn't contain the commentary track, so confirm this if you buy this title.
    Seven - Criterion CAV might be a good pick. I suppose this one depends upon whether or not New Line is going to be able to acquire the Criterion supplements for their forthcoming SE. Beats me. (??)
    BTW Sam, that is a great list of titles. Congrats on the fine collection.
    - Walter.
  3. Michael Cucka

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    Dec 8, 1998
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    My goodness - with a collection like that, how can you have money to be able to add to it...?
    Well, maybe a couple more -
    1) Se7en (criterion)
    2) The Game (criterion) - aletnate ending
    3) Disney's Song of the South
    4) ID4 (DTS) - let the debate vs. DVD begin...
    5) Armegeddon (DTS) - no debate here
    6) Frightners box set
    7) signed Phantasm box set
    8) signed Hellraiser box set
    9) Repulsion (criterion) - incl. Polanski shorts
    10) Salo (criterion) - maybe...
    11) any of the Disney exclusive archives - Micky B&W years, Donald Duck, Alice in Wonderland, Three Caballeros - among those you didn't list
    12) Akira (cav criterion) - anime
    13) Pulp Fiction (criterion)
    14) Bram Stoker's Dracula (criterion)
    15) 2001 (criterion)
    16) Best of Roger Rabbit
    17) Jason and the Argonauts (criterion)
    18) Adventures of Baron Munchausen (criterion)
    19) Ronin (dts)
    20) Soylent Green and Omega Man - for the Heston factor
    Plus, I consider many of the collections box sets to be unique: The Mummy Collection, The Invisible Collection, Abbott and Costello Meet the Monsters, Gene Kelly, Tarzan, Bette Davis, etc.
    So many discs, so little time....
    Enjoy the hunt!
    Michael Cucka
  4. Rachael B

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    Jun 5, 2000
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    Knocksville, TN
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    Rachael Bellomy
    The 1941 boxset has more extra stuff than the DVD. Criterion's DR. STRANGELOVE (#143) CAV set is a must have. The ULTIMATE OZ CAV boxset by MGM is tip top. Pioneer's SOPHIE'S CHOICE box is great. From British TV, the FAWLTY TOWERS box is tops. 500 NATIONS box is a great set, the trail of tears and the ghoust dance, it's all here. For epic lovers, Criterion's EL CID is lovely. Criterion's BLADE RUNNER is great in your choice of CLV or CAV. IT'S A MAD MAD MAD WORLD is mad. Criterion's THE PRODUCERS is riotous...BEING THERE may be pan & scan, but it's the best available thang, unfortuneatly. CRITERION's THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD is miles ahead of the generic disc. The movie of VICTOR/VICTORIA is only available on LD. Anote on Disney's 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, it's very high up the list of the worst mastered movies ever. This disc redefines shimmer, it's everywhere, it's every where! The episode of the Disney TV show about the movie, which is included looks way better than the movie. And, it doesn't look all that good. Stille, it's better than the VHS, but that's not saying much is it? Disney stuff is hit and miss, some of it looks real bad, they've had their triumphs too, like the several TOY STORY LDs. Throw in the rest of the Criterion Collection, what a great bunch of Laserdiscs! That's the top of my head,best wishes!
    Rachael, the big disc cat! Remember, actual mileage may vary....
    AFI Film Challenge, hey I've only got 15 to go!
  5. todbnla

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    Oct 17, 1999
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    A few I must mention along with most of the ones the others mentioned:
    Babe (dts) awesome sound
    Casper (dts) awesome sound, my vote for the best sound!
    Blade (dts) great sound too
    Armeggadon (dts) great sound, popcorn action flick
    I picked up "Cut Throat Island" awhile back in a trade and this is a fun movie with great dd sound, perhaps like an updated Errol Flynn type pirate flick.
    Super Speedway (dts) great sound and race (Indy) cars!
    LD's / E-Quip / DVD's
  6. Charles Bober

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    Sep 5, 1999
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    • The Frighteners DTS
    • Saving Private Ryan
    • Jurassic Park
    • Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
    • Speed DTS
    • The Matrix
    • Toy Story DTS
    • Schindler's List DTS
    • Con Air DTS
    • The Rock Criterion & DTS
    • Silverado Criterion
    And since you're into westerns, there are plenty of John Wayne flicks only on LD as well.
  7. Sam R. Aucoin

    Sam R. Aucoin Stunt Coordinator

    Jul 5, 1999
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    Thanks for the replies. Some of your posts made me realize I had a few more:
    58. El Cid - Criterion (not on DVD)
    59. Disney's Song of the South (not on DVD, and will probably never be released in the US)
    60. The Rock - Criterion (on DVD, and will be released as a Criterion DVD soon)
    61. Disney's Toy Story Boxset (to be released this coming week on DVD; I believe one must purchase The Ultimate Toy Box to obtain the greatest amount of supplementary material, but I am still not sure if all of the LD supplemental material will make it to the DVD set)
    62. Disney's Toy Story - DTS (reference quality sound and video - but, I am currently auctioning this LD on Ebay to help finance the purchase of a slew of DVDs coming soon [​IMG] )
    63. Disney's The Three Caballeros/Saludos Amigos - Exclusive Archive Collection Boxset (movies on DVD, but supplementary material is not)
    64. The Adventures of Robin Hood - Criterion (not on DVD, and has supplementary material, including "home movies" take during the shoot)
    65. Disney's Old Yeller (not on DVD)
    66. Them! (not on DVD)
    67. The Thing from Another World (not on DVD)
    68. Tootsie - Criterion (not on DVD)
    69. Forrest Gump (not on DVD)
    70. On the Waterfront (not on DVD)
    71. Disney's So Dear to My Heart (not on DVD)
    72. Disney's The Rescuers (not on DVD; I have the original, recalled version with the nude woman in the window - no joke, the woman is there)
    73. Broken Arrow - DTS (reference quality sound)
    74. King Kong - Criterion (not available on DVD)
  8. Tina_H_V

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    Mar 25, 2000
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    Sam, you have opened up an intriguing topic here. So many titles have been mentioned, so let me see if I can add anything to this mix.....
    1) Menace II Society: THE CRITERION COLLECTION--the first Criterion disc I ever had the pleasure of owning. Besides the original Dolby Stereo soundtrack being featured on the digital audio tracks, deleted scenes from the film, more of a complete version of the Hughes Bros.' interview (fragmented only on the VHS edition); storyboards; production notes; a student film; a pair of music videos, one from Tupac Shakur himself ("Brenda's Having A Baby"--resonant!!! IMHO! [​IMG] ); commentary from each twin on the two analog channels; reference quality all the way around, leading to...
    2) ...Dead Presidents: THE CRITERION COLLECTION--like their first film, this Hughes follow-up featured not only the original theatrical soundtrack on the digital audio tracks, but an AC-3 feed as well, along with the heist unrated; the real "Anthony Curtis", as portrayed by Larenz Tate, in his latter-day life; the "Walk On By" video from Issac Hayes; Al Green singing "Tired Of Being Alone" on a 1971 episode of "Soul Train" in Pimpstrumental Color; production notes; storyboards; commentary; trailers, TV spots; an essay-ette on the blaxploitation film era w/posters from the era; a fine companion piece to chose #1 listed above.
    3) Carmen Jones--although this one aired on cable in widescreen form...I could not let this pass on laserdisc. Not only is the widescreen transfer better on the disc, but there is a full-blown Surround soundtrack (the cablecast did not have this)...and at the end of this one was some found B/W footage, sans long-lost audio, of a local Hollywood premiere of Carmen Jones, followed by Oscar night when Dorothy Dandridge was historically nominated as she was. If there is to be no DVD coverage on this one, this is a definitive keeper, not only for Dorothy's immense talent, but also the fireryness she appreared to have about her, not only evident in the film, but in those B/W shots as well.
    4) It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World--Rachael, you beat me to the punch on this one, girl!!!!!!!! A fine, fun box set I WILL ALWAYS TREASURE!!!!! Although I had already had this one on widescreen VHS tape, when I saw the LD box set for sale, I just could not say NO!!!!! Now, I am glad I did not say no! [​IMG] This was a fun one indeed! The Acid Queen and The Big Disc Cat in cohoots on this one!!!!! [​IMG] Awesome!!!!!! [​IMG]
    5 The Odd Couple--now that Walter Matthau is sadly no longer with us, this remastered widescreen laserdisc takes on a more important meaning. No DVD? I'd better stay with this one.
    6) Forrest Gump--a surefire keeper, especially with no known DVD plans.
    7) Eyes On The Prize: The Civil Rights Years, 1954-1965--although I only have the condensed two-disc edition, the loss of program content from its VHS counterpart makes up with a booklet, commentary and supplementary, still-framed materials befit for not just intented-classroom use, but students of the Civil Rights Struggle of ANY age as well, of which I am one of. The Martin Luther King, Jr. non-violent comic book still-framed on CAV LD is simply a wonder in itself.
    Just a little something-something to bring to the table with regard to laserdisc's beautitudes. [​IMG]
    The Acid Queen Still Rocks and Souls!!!! ;D
  9. Reed Grele

    Reed Grele Screenwriter

    Jun 30, 1997
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    Beacon Falls, CT
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    Reed Grele
    MGM/UA's THX CAV box set of Goldfinger. Only the LD has the opening title music in stereo. Also, picture is in the correct British aspect ratio (1.75 x 1). Not so the DVD (1.85 x 1). My favorite Bond movie, so I'm a bit anal about it. Nice to own every single film frame (CAV) of it as well.
  10. Tina_H_V

    Tina_H_V Supporting Actor

    Mar 25, 2000
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    No problem, Reed. I have this one also and it seemed to be with many to be one of their favorite 007 offings--and for some, such as yourself, their favorite Bond flick. The Shirley Bassey classic opening the movie DID indeed sound full in stereo and the CAV frame-by-frame coverage, as so in the JFK boxset, is indeed worth the price and the keep. After seeing this one on laserdisc, along with the behind-the-scenes material, I could understand why quite a few Bond afficianados consider this their favorite Bond film. After all, it was indeed a fine movie.
    The Acid Queen Still Rocks and Souls!!!! ;D
  11. John Welch

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    Mar 11, 1999
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    To add a few more to the ones above:
    Absolutely Fabulous 1,2 and 3
    They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Signature Edition Box
    Complete Showboat Box
    Doors Pioneer Special Edition Box
    V-The Miniseries and The Final Battle
    The Thin Man Collection Box
    Wuthering Heights Pioneer Special Edition
    Platoon Pioneer Special Edition
    Golden Age of Sci-Fi Vol. 1 and 2 Boxes
    Golden Age of Horror Vol. 1 and 2 Boxes
    Natural Born Killers Pioneer Special Edition Box
    Outer Limits Vol. 1-4 Boxes
    Martian Chronicles Box
    King Kong Criterion
    Golden Age of Looney Tunes Vol.1-5 Boxes
  12. alan halvorson

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    Oct 2, 1998
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    For some of your rare/desirable laser disc needs, try Laser Exchange . Look at the MGM/Warner sale. All discs are going for $10, except the box sets which are $20 (a number of the more valuable ones are sold out - a lot have been turning up on Ebay). Call 'em! - the site is not secure and they're pretty pleasant to talk with anyway. These are not cutouts or used - they're all brand spanking new (I got a few myself so I can verify this).
    You Can't Roller Skate In a Buffalo Herd - Roger Miller
  13. Mohamad

    Mohamad Auditioning

    Nov 6, 1999
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    How impressive are these lists. It proves that Laserdiscs were truly for the collector of fine movies, and with dvd's going mass market its unlikely we will ever see these type of quality contents lavished on movies again. Of the dvd's that have impressive features, are they not mostly taken from there LD counterpart. I do love dvd for the quality of picture and value for money, but I will always feel a sence of loss of something we had great once.
  14. John Besse

    John Besse Supporting Actor

    Jun 22, 2000
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    Trinity, FL
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    Forgeting one of my personal favorites!!!
    Back to the Future trilogy
    Oh yeah, and don't forget to add the new Star Wars trilogy to your Christmas lists, available this November. Will have mine on preorder as soon as it becomes available!
  15. Todd Hostettler

    Todd Hostettler Second Unit

    Jun 7, 1999
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    Here's another one...
    Jackie Chan's Supercop - Criterion Collection
    Deleted scenes, tons of trailers, and the original Cantonese language track. Just watched this one last night.
  16. Roland Wandinger

    Roland Wandinger Stunt Coordinator

    Feb 13, 2000
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    The german PAL LD of "Das Boot" with the entire 6 hours+ running time.
  17. Shane Martin

    Shane Martin Producer

    Sep 26, 1999
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    Song of the South will indeed never ever be released on dvd and thats the reason I have it 2 times. One is still sealed but I'm probably going to eventually let it go.
    Se7en Criterion: I can believe that New Line will release alot of this material but I bet not all of it. Plus the picture is reference quality.
    Pulp Fiction Criterion: Has a nice slew of bonus features but I can't remember all of them off the top of my head.
    You guys have pretty much listed alot of the must own discs but the list of laserdiscs is so huge its hard to remember them all.
  18. Andy_G

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    Jun 29, 2000
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    The Goldfinger DVD is framed at 1.78:1 not 1.85:1. Also, I'd like to see somone find the difference between 1.75 and 1.78 on any TV with overscan.
  19. Andrew 'Ange Hamm' Hamm

    Andrew 'Ange Hamm' Hamm Supporting Actor

    Apr 7, 1999
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    • Joe Jackson: Laughter and Lust Live
    • Another vote for the Star Wars trilogy THX original versions
    • Meet Me in St. Louis 50th Anniversary edition
    • Flesh for Lulu: Live in London
    Now let's drink some beer.™

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