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Music you liked at 15--Do you still like it? (1 Viewer)

Rachael B

Senior HTF Member
Jun 5, 2000
Knocksville, TN
Real Name
Rachael Bellomy
Groups I'm sick of that I used to like...hmnn. Well, I never Liked Blck Sabath, Ultimate Spinach, or Frigid Pink. I was a strange teenager because I liked jazz. Many of my friends thought I was illin' because I liked George Benson (CTI dayz) and Dave Brubeck and Return To Forever. I did like rock music but I didn't have typical tastes.

On to music I used to like on acid but now can't figur....

Bloodrock < yuck!
Uriah Heep < I don't mind hearing GYPSY QUEEN on occasion...
Ten Wheel Drive < Why, I dunno...?
The Nice < Keith Emerson went on to much better things!
Nazz < Todd Rundgren went on to better things
Melanie < Ug!
Peter & Gordon < thank god they quit recording!
Joan Baez < after a while...zzzzzzzzzz
Moby Grape < everybody else seemed to get tired of them after the first two weeks too!
Steve Miller Band < after Boz Scaggs quit I liked him
Three Dog Night....

The ones I stille like:

Leon Russell & Marc Benno who started out as the Asylum Chior
Frank Zappa
Spooky Tooth < the best cover song ever, the Beatles' I AM THE WALRUS
Delaney & Bonnie
Maria Muldaur
Area Code 615
Goose Creek Synphony
Neil Young
Blood, Sweat & Tears
Otis Redding
Boz Scaggs
Clarence Carter
Aurthur Conley
the original Dixie Dregs were dynamite!
The Flying Burrito Brothers
Allman Brothers
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Dave Mason
Manfredo Fest
Antonio Carlos Jobim
Sergio Mendes with and without Basil '65, '68, '77 or Wanda, ect, ect.
Average White Band
Isley Brothers
Mother's Finest
Aztec Camera
Lemon Heads
XTC and especially when they assume their alter egos, the Dukes Of The Stratosphear
George Duke
Stanley Clarke
Tower Of Power
Thunderclap Newman < somethin' is in the air
and I never ever get tired of Savoy Brown or it's offshoot Foghat
Todd Rundgren
...that's enough, eh!
Dec 18, 2002
OK, Jim (The Elder) Armstrong, has it over me and Marty age-wise.;) Jim's taste in 50's music is excellent. You can't beat Little Richard. I still have my parent's (sorry JA) copy of The Killers "High School Confidential". I used to play the hell out of that 45. Probably my favorite JLL song and it really holds up well today.

I too have broadened my musical horizons since my teen years. It started in my teens when I ran across a copy of "His Best:The Electric B.B. King" in my local library. That turned me on to Blues. I also listen to Classical, World, Country & Jazz. And here lately I've been tripping back in time and trying to collect old instrumental groups, especially The Ventures. Oh well, I'm sure a few months from now I'll be on a psychedelic kick.


Stunt Coordinator
Oct 14, 2002
Music you liked at 15--Do you still like it
Yes most definately. In fact not only do I still like ALL the music I liked when I was 15, now I even like some people I didn't like back then. It's the sh*t that started coming out after I reached 35 that I don't like.

Jack Keck

Second Unit
Nov 23, 2001
Are you kiing. The British Invaion and psychedelic stuf that listened to in my early teens is still some of my favorite music, esp. the Who,Yerdbirds, Jefferson Airplane, MOthers. The list could be quite long.


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May 12, 2000
Real Name
15 for me would have been the mid-80s. It was mostly hair metal for me at the time. Bon Jovi, Stryper, Dokken, Motley Crue, etc. I don't really listen to most of those bands anymore, except for Iron Madien, tho I'm still a big metal fan.

My favorite bands at the time, Van Halen and Journey, are still a couple of my favorites. I hadn't yet discovered Rush or Queensryche at that point, tho I was blown away by Emerson, Lake, And Powell that year, then discovered that they actually had material before then as well... :b

I also very much liked Pink Floyd, which still continues to this day.


Stephen L

Second Unit
Jan 3, 2001
I was 15 in 1980.
The Jam, The Clash, The Buzzcocks ,Split Enz,The Undertones,David Bowie,TheWho,Elvis Costell,Mission of Burma

Now my favorite artists are mostly solo acts like Paul Weller , Neil Finn & Aimee Mann.
Dec 18, 2002
The Who. How could I have left them out of the British Invasion line-up? "I Can See For Miles" was and still is a killer song. It is a kick-ass song that holds up very well today. The album "The Who Sell Out" that it was on is a very good listen from start to finish with the BBC style radio bits in between the songs. This is probably the first Who album I bought.


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Jun 25, 2001
I was 15 in '73. I was into:

Kiss (never listen to them now, but I did hear R&R All Night on the radio yesterday)

Aerosmith (I distinctly remember their second album (Get Your Wings) coming out and how it rocked me)

Beatles (never stopped digging them)

Nazareth, Montrose, Rush, Bad Co., BTO (naaahh)

Elton John (still like the very early stuff)

Creedence Clearwater Revival (still cool)


Andrew 'Ange Hamm' Hamm

Supporting Actor
Apr 7, 1999
I was 15 in 1987. I was into:

Peter Gabriel
The Who
Dan Fogelberg
The Beatles
The Police

I still listen to all of them now, but I've tended lately more toward the songwriter-type artist, as well as a whole lot of great Christian groups:

Joe Jackson
Sam Phillips
Bruce Cockburn
T-Bone Burnett
Rich Mullins
Cindy Morgan
Charlie Peacock
Jane Siberry

Interestingly enough, I've also had kind of a progressive renaissance lately also, thanks to Dream Theater. And my love for Kansas has just grown stronger with their recent work.

Kip Lackey

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 30, 2002
15 in 1988 and yes, I still listen to that music plus much more.

My listening this week:

INXS-Greatest hits. Love these guys. "Mediate, alleviate, try not to hate, love your mate..." Awesome video and addictive song. Good stuff.

Black Label Society- Nice heavy riffage by Zakk Wylde.

80's mix including among others: "Oh Sherry" by Steve Perry. Can remember where I was when I first heard this song. Toto songs: "Roseanna" and "Africa", etc.

Machine Head- Hellalive. Live current metal.




So, I'm varied and still love the 80's stuff. You can never go back but music sure helps to revive some great moments in the past just as photos and stories. It gives me enjoyment and that is the most important thing I can ask from music.


Sep 30, 1997
Utah USA
Real Name
Wes Peterson
Lance, if you are looking for something a little different from Benatar, check out her album True Love. It is a collection of blues songs. She has a great voice for this type of music. It's my favorite Benatar album.
Funny I was going to post the same thing!

I have several Pat Benatar discs (my first CD I bought was "seven the hard way" back in 86) But now that I'm in my 40's I pick up True Love before any others!



Supporting Actor
Apr 5, 2002
15 would have been 95. I liked REM, Barenaked Ladies, Radiohead, The Tragically Hip, Our Lady Peace, Matthew Sweet, and some blues/jazz/motown compilations I had around. I've probably added a few bands (Foo Fighters, Coldplay), but I think I've only really fell out of the BNL stuff, and to a lesser extent Our Lady Peace.


Supporting Actor
Apr 5, 2002
Maybe it's just me, but I've found myself pulling away from the Pearl Jam, STP, RATM,etc.. and classic rock and getting into the new and old swing and big bands. It appeals to people all over the world and to all ages. Think of all the cartoons, and commercials you hear it in, plus tons of movie soundtracks. Nothing brings style and sophistication to a movie like the sound of a big band.

Rob P S

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Mar 22, 2002
Real Name
I was 15 in '86. I listened to Bryan Adams, Sting, Hooters, James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, Neil Diamond. Still like them all, and I am getting into the Replacements, Echo & the Bunnymen, and am rediscovering hair metal.


Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 2002
I was 15 in 2001-2002 ;)

Obviously, I still like Spineshank (as my sig reflects), Disturbed, Linkin Park (I know most of you don't like them, but I do! So there! :p)), The Offspring, Alien Ant Farm, The Ernies, Huey Lewis & The News, Powerman 5000.

I still like Jimmy Eat World, Deftones, System Of A Down, and Goldfinger, but to less of an extent.

HA! :D

Andy Olivera

Jul 25, 2000
Let's see. That was eight years ago. That was before I stopped listening to the radio, so most of my listening remained fairly mainstream. Here's a short list of what was then and what is now...

Iron Maiden - Been listening to these guys since I first heard them(at my twelfth birthday party, actually). Loved 'em then, love 'em now.

Dream Theater - First heard Pull Me Under on the radio and I was blown away(in 92, I believe). I bought Images & Words and the rest is history. Like Maiden, once I got into them I never wavered.

Pearl Jam - They had some excellent songs, but the only good album they produced was Ten. It was all downhill from them. Today I don't even care for Ten all that much.

Nirvana - What the hell was I thinking? After listening to their songs overplayed on the radio I started to realize their music just isn't that great(especially the later stuff) and don't even get me started about the lyrics. Came close to buying an album on a few occassions. Never did; glad I didn't.

The Offspring - Another one for whom my interest has somewhat faded. Love the lyrics and the music, while nothing impressive, is enough to rock out to. Only own one album(Ixnay On The Hombre), but I still like it, as well as much of their other stuff. What can I say? Energetic music seems to be rather rare, and they capture it very well.

REM - Though my interested died after Automatic For The People, their older stuff still holds up well, especially Out Of Time.

Soundgarden - Started with Badmotorfinger and went from there. Don't listen to them as much as I have in the past, but they're still one of the best and original bands of the 90s and incredibly talented artists.

Stabbing Westward - After hearing What Do I Have To Do? and Shame I bought the album. Once again, they remain high on my list.

Social Distortion - Bad Luck turned me on to them, but I didn't buy any albums until I heard I Was Wrong. Bought the album, still listen to it to this day.

Sponge - I bought Wax Ecstatic just for the title tune and didn't care much for the album as a whole. Years later, when I revisited it, I heard what I'd been missing. As I said, at that time I was mostly into mainstream stuff, so most of it caught me off guard. I like it better now; does that count? :)

Guns N' Roses - Most of their stuff I don't really care much for, though it's definitely not bad, but I can't imagine the world of rock without the masterpiece that is Appetite For Destruction. Still listen to that one to this day.

There are more, of course, but these are the big ones. As you can see(hopefully), my tastes haven't changed; they've only been refined with most of the lesser stuff getting filtered out.


Stunt Coordinator
Aug 18, 2003
I was 15 years old in 1980. It was a transitional period between the Zeppelin era and AM radio hits, and the onset of punk and new wave. My favorite bands at the time were AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Police, all of which I still enjoy.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 15, 2001
Real Name
I was 15 in 1998, and at that time, I came to the conclusion that pretty much all of the music radio stations in my hometown of Columbus, OH, sucked. Thus, I switched to talk radio. :p) However, I did have CDs of Green Day, Nirvana, Sarah McLachlan, The Beatles, some John Williams soundtracks...I can't remember anything else. I still like them all.

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