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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by al lout, May 30, 2005.

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    On the past weekend, I went to demo a few speakers at thegoodguys. I spent about 45 mins demo their speakers. I didn't plan this or anything. It just happened that thegoodguys was near by. I demoed the Energy C-5, C-7, C-9, audio monitor gold series ($2450/pair), and Klipsch. I was kinda of eyeing on the C-9 since there are so many good reviews about them. The sale guy was helpful and friendly. Since I don't have any cds with me, I'm using his. All of these speakers hooked up to the Pioneer Elite VSX-59TXi ( 160w/channel in Stereo). First is the C-5 since they are the cheapest. They're alright just lack of bass. Then he switched to the C-7. They are a little better, cleaner sound. Now to the C-9, the bass was there, vocal is clean and detail. He then popped in some raps. You can feel the bass is there, the imaging is pretty good. I asked him to switch to some jazz. Right away, I can feel the speakers are struggling on the higher freqs. I can hear the distortion. He was supprised that the C-9 is struggling. I then asked him to switch to the Audio Monitor gold series, just to make sure that it wasn't the source. Well, the audio monitor played it clean, no distortion, lots of depth. Imaging is excelent. Only if I have $2450 to spent. I don't like how the Klipsch (forgot model, the thin looking one) sound, kinda discomforting.

    Well, now I have a few questions. What kind of music (specific songs) that you guys bring (other than the one you know) to demo the speakers? Which songs in particular that will have bass, nice imaging, clean vocal, high freqs, etc...? I'm hunting for a new set of speakers for my xmas present [​IMG] I'm looking for tower speakers about $1000/pair. That line must have a good center speaker as well cuz' I will go 5.1 later down the road. After all the good review on the Energy C-9, it didn't cut it for me cuz' of the distortion. I've considered the Swan 5.2 or 6.1, just need to demo them (kinda hard since they r online market only). Thanks.

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    Here is the answer you are not after: the song you know that has "bass, nice imaging, clean vocal, high freqs, etc..."

    There is a billion choices but the key is you have to know the song inside and out. Remeber you are not going to go enjoy the speakers in the store, you are going to evaluate them. I'm sure you have a CD in your collection right now that will work fine. If you want specifics search the forum, you'll get a ton of examples.

    Right now I am using Ray Charles, Genius loves Company. I'm getting sick of song one as I keep listening to it a million times to evalute changes in my system.
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