Music shopping at the pawn shop :)

Discussion in 'Music' started by Garrett Lundy, Jun 12, 2004.

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    So I was hanging out downtown today and decided to stop and look-around the local pawn shop Re-Sale America. I have a few albums I don't listen too and a RCA subwoofer that has since been replaced by a SVS and needs gettin rid of.

    Amongst the bass guitars, and cheap stereo cassette decks from 1985 I happen upon the used CD bin. Collected in a large box, and filed in no particular order are hundreds of CD's, once the pride of someones collection. Now reduced to crap the pawn-shop workers cannot unload because of the MP3 menace. So after a half hour of sifting through empty jewel boxes and CDs so scratched i don't know why they don't throw them away I purchase the following CD's.

    Star Wars: Episode Three, Attack of the Clones the soundtrack. Still in the shrinkwarp! The sticker says it has a collectible cover (Get all four!), I got Jangp-Fett. only $2.99 [​IMG]

    The Best of Santana. $1.99 (a buck ninety-nine! for Santana!) The CD is scratch-free.

    Timepieces: the Best of Eric Clapton. This CD-relic is from way back in 1982. the first year I beleive for Cds! It has a strange tape-hiss on it. [​IMG] A baragin at $2.99 considering it has five singles I'd gladly pay $.99/each at iTunes music store.

    Nativity in Black. A tribute to Black Sabbath: when I was in highschool this album was THE shit. it also was hard to find. Now its mine for the asking price of $1.99! . I dont care that it was missing its cover, I keep all my CDs in a 300-disk changer anyway!

    All in all it was the best CD-shopping trip i can remember. I'll stop back a few weeks later after their collection has had some time to restock. [​IMG]
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    My only problem with buying from pawn shops is the questionable origins of much of their stock. Unless they have a strict policy for identifying the people selling them goods, most of them are probably stolen.

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