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    Having put together a modest home theater about 6 months ago, I am constantly searching for musical concerts on DVD. Music has always been a big part of my life, whether playing keyboards in a band or listening for countless hours to my dads vinyl collection as a teen.

    It seems to me that a goal for anyone filming and/or producing concert footage for transfer to any media would be to 'transport' the future audience back in time to relive the concert. Sadly, after having purchased dozens of musical concerts on DVD, this doesn't seem to be the norm. Most often the concerts of my favorite bands and musicians are made into quasi music videos, hardly providing a true concert atmosphere in my home theater.

    Editors, cinematographers and producers take note: Real life musicians do not move in slow motion on stage, and when I am at a concert I am not focused on a different band member for mere milliseconds. Loose the cuts and slow motion. Focus on a single person or instrument, with no slow motion effects, as if you were watching the band play.

    Anyway, sorry for the drawn-out speech, but it is irksome! My point being, when I find a music concert on DVD that takes me to the concert I am thrilled, and that is just what 'Music for Montserrat' does. This concert footage was recorded in 1997 at Royal Albert Hall on the island of Montserrat, contains a DTS encoded soundtrack, and is edited nicely. The sound quality is superb, and I would recommend this disc to anyone who loves 'rock' concerts.

    'Music for Montserrat' is distributed by Image Entertainment.
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    Good dvd that one is!

    Another that I like is James Taylor Live at the Beacon Theater, but it helps if you like JT...


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