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Mike Mundt

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 28, 2002
Ive read a lot of great reviews on definitve technology speakers. Im lookin to replace my currents fronts with these. They have built in (powered) sub-woofers and an LFE input for the subwoofer. I only have one LFE ouput on my reciever, and my subwoofer does not have any output to send the LFE to another source. How would i go about feeding 3 different LFE inputs.

( i realize that i can just plug the speakers in as reg speakers, and just set them to large. But i prefer to set my fronts to small so that they dont suck up so much juice from the reciever. It helps keep the signal a little clearer and the gives it a little crisper sound.)

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
Well the buit-in subwoofer amp acts like a high-impedence to low frequencies when the DefTechs are wired with speaker wire. This means they do not eat up much power.

You should also know that having 3 subs operating in different locations in your room can be a nightmare in terms of getting smooth bass sound in multiple spots

Think of a dribble of water on a corner of a pan. The waves are regular, smooth. Now think of dribbling water into 3 different locations. the waves are choppy and really high in spots and low in others. This is like having 3 subs operating in a room.

But... you gotta try it at least once. :) (I had dual SVS subs and the subs in my DefTech towers all going one night. Couldent watch a movie this way, but the experiement was fun).

You basically need to get 2 "Y" adaptors and gang them together to give you 3 outputs.

If I were you, I'd move my external sub close to one of the DefTech towers (so they act like a single source). Put in a "Y" adaptor behind the receiver and go to the location of the 2 towers. Behind the tower with the external sub, use another "Y" adaptor to split the feed into 2 parts: one for that DefTech, one for the external sub.

Calibration: Use an SPL meter with sub test-tones to get your levels to match your mains. But check to see how bad the sound is at other locations by:

- Getting the sound to some known volume at your listening position with subwoofer-only test tones.

- Move the SPL meter to the right & left and stop where somone sitting next to you would have their head. How much different is the volume? Continue along the couch/chairs to chart the volume at each seat. If it does not vary much, you are in luck. The interactions between the 3 subs does not cause a problem.

Good Luck.

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