multiple sub-woofer wiring information needed

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    Jan 29, 2002
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    I'm in the process of building a home theater and need some help with the subwoofer wiring.

    I've ordered in a pair of Definitive Technology 2000TL's front tower speakers that have built in 15" subwoofers (500 watts each, if that makes a difference). I also have an "older" M&K 125 subwoofer that I want to put in the back of the room. The receiver is also on order and will be a Pioneer Elite 47TX.

    I read in a review of the speaker that said the 2000TL's sound MUCH BETTER with the subwoofer wired direct to the LFE. My thought was to run a splitter out of the LFE & split it again so that all three subwoofers are hooked directly to the LFE.

    Will this work?? IF not, what should I do? The other alternative that I thought of was to split the lfe one, then output from one of the subwoofers to the third.

    Second question

    Is there some kind of adjustment that I'll need to make on the receiver as to the crossover level, or will the direct hookup to the LFE handle everything?

    Third question.

    Does anyone know of a good single splitter that will handle three subwoofers?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    I'm going to move this to the Speakers and Subwoofer fourm so you get more focused attention.

    Some companies sell a subwoofer cable with a "Y" adaptor built in. They might be pricy, but they would eliminate an extra connection.

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