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Apr 29, 2000
This is a fully functional PC, in excellent condition, that's smaller than a regular PC with the focus on multimedia & integrating into a TV/HTF set up. It is NOT a replacement for a HTPC - its DVD output is not to that super high quality that HTPC demands, but it's "good enough" generally.

"Sample" image of front of BookPC
"Sample" image of rear of BookPC
  • 533MHz Celeron processor
  • 128MB RAM
  • 8GB HD
  • TV-Out (RCA & S-Video)
  • VGA support
  • Intel 810 chipset on-board
  • HRTF 3D audio support for DirectSound 3D & A3D.
  • 56K V90 modem built-in
  • ethernet port built-in (10-100Mbps)
  • dual USB ports
  • 1 parallel port
  • 1 floppy drive
  • Case size 272 x 295 x 82mm

Note the case size! This is a good bit smaller than your average PC, and is just a little wider than a CD drive + floppy drive put together.

Internally, it's a Micro-ATX size motherboard with a fcpga socket for CPU upgrades, with 2 DIMM sockets that take PC100/PC133 speed RAM. There are no PCI slots. The DVD-ROM drive is region free.

This system makes a great machine for region-free DVD watching & playing "simple" games on TV. I used it as a "mame box" for playing emulated games on my 36 inch TV with no problems.

The system can function horizontally or vertically, and comes with "feet" for standing on its side.

System comes with all manuals/driver disks, PC-Cillin, GAMUT multimedia software + a fully licenced copy of WinDVD. I'll be happy to include a Logitech "multimedia" keyboard + Logitech wheel mouse with the system.

I'm selling this as I need an upgrade to my "main" computer - I'll be sorry to see it go, it's served me well for playing old arcade games. This would make a good system for any fan of the old style games looking to play them on a TV.

Tonight, I can take some snapshots of the real machine if anyone's interested - it looks identical to those "sample" pics, just with a DVD rom instead of a CDRom.

I'm looking for $120 + shipping. I'd prefer to keep it any deal to the "mainland" USA. I would also consider a swap for a fully working Playstation 2 or GameCube if the deal was right...


Senior HTF Member
Apr 29, 2000
Reduced to $120 + shipping. Open to trade offers - particularly harddrives or videogame equipment :)

C'mon people, I need to get rid of this!

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