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    I am looking into the Harmon/kardon AVR 510 receiver or one comperable that can multi-zone.Have any of you used this receiver or another one to tune a second room and if so are you using a second amp For that room or are you using, say a powered base/amp for the stereo source in the second room. I would like to have to buy and use only one receiver to listen to the TV and music in a different location. Thanks for the help.
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    Hi Lance,
    I have the Denon 3802 receiver. This receiver has 7 channels of amplification built in. You can use all 7 channels for 7.1 (actually 6.1 with two surround backs) and use an external amp for a 2nd zone. OR, you can do what I do, and use only 5 channels for 5.1 and set the receiver to use the other 2 channels (surround back) to power the 2nd zone. This give me the ability to watch a 5.1 movie in the main room, AND have my patio speakers play the radio, at different volumes. I love it!
    The receiver controls the 2nd zone totally independent of the main zone. The source and volume control are totally independent. The same goes if you use an external amp. The only stipulation is that for the 2nd zone you have to use the analog inputs (no digital inputs). This really isn't much of a problem for me, but thought I would mention it.
    I don't know how other receivers work, but I know the other Denon's (4802 and 5800) have similiar features.
    Good luck!
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