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    So I bought a house that came pre wired with speakers. I have 5 speakers in the main living room, 2 in a den area, 2 in the loft, and 2 in the master bedroom. The house also has sound controllers mounted on the wall in each of the rooms. I contacted the home theater company that built the speaker system in the house and they sent me a quote on setting up the home system. They will be using a Sony STR-DA2900ES receiver.

    So the main living room area has a bunch of speaker inputs that look similar to this: [​IMG]

    The master bedroom and the loft area have RCA audio inputs (white and red colored inputs) sorta like the panel on the left of this image:
    The other room with speakers doesn't have any inputs.

    Anyway, what I wanted to know was how would this all work. How would the sound be transmitted to all these speakers? Once they set up the receiver would this allow me to transmit sound to all the different rooms. So for example could I transmit one audio source through all the rooms and also could I put individual audio sources using the RCA inputs?
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    The master bedroom/ loft...You say these are audio inputs. Then show pics of audio outputs.Which is it?

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