Multi-switch: have I got this right ?

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    I think I am about to go for this but wanted someone to set me straight if I am off here.
    Okay. I have a sony dish and dual lnb. I get one of these multi-switch thingys and plug the two inputs in. Then I can send output to (up to) 4 receivers ? Its as simple as that. You can watch simultaneous channels on each reciever right ?
    I am not concerned with adding the antenna; does that matter ? As I understand it, if you don't add the antenna, you don't need the diplexers to extract (for lack of a more accurate word) the local signal from the sat signal.
    I can just go purchase another receiver & card, call up direct tv, they activate it and voila! I have 3 or 4 satellite receiving tvs now ?
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    You've got it!! [​IMG]
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