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Multi-Speaker System Help???? (1 Viewer)

Chris Courtney

May 19, 2002
I am definitely buying a speaker system this summer and I wanted to know if you guys could tell me if this is a good system...if not what it is??? It is going to be for my room/bedroom that is a bit bigger than a dorm. Would this system be good for that or what?
here it is...
Check out the product specs and let me know if they're any good because I don't know as much as some of you. let me know thanks guys


Senior HTF Member
Apr 30, 2002
I'm not expert. But from what I've read over the past couple months has showed me that a JBL NSP1 system with an added subwoofer will be a lot better than this.
Read about JBL products here www.JBL.com
you can buy the 5 speaker package at www.JandR.com with free shipping for $250 and buy a subwoofer later. A lot of people have done this on this forum.
Of course this is more money than the system you are looking at.

Frank Zimkas

Supporting Actor
Mar 10, 2002
Looks like a pretty basic entry level system that would suit your needs, but you really should go to BB and listen to the set up before you make a final decision. The best to tools that you have to determine the sound quality are mounted to the sides of your head! If the sound quality is acceptable to you, and the price is within your budget then I say get the system. Find out what the return policy is just in case you are not satisfied with this systems performance once you get it setup in your room.

With all due respect to the other forum members, sound quality cannot be measured by Spec's alone. If that were the case we would all own the same Speakers, Receivers, Amps, etc. If you like it, thats good enough for me. I have never been a big fan of Sony Audio equipment, but there are a lot of Sony owners out there that are extremely happy with their equipment.

The bottom line is...Audition as many systems within your price as you can and then make your decision based on what sounds good to you.

Post again and let the rest of us know what system you get and how it sounds in your HT. You might just end up helping someone who's been considering the same equipment.

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