Multi-room Speaker Set-up Issue

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    Hi hoping I can get some advice on here .
    Recently moved into a house which has multi-room speakers installed. Each room has a separate volume dial. I have an Onkyo Ht - R570 receiver which I am using Speaker Set B for 2-channel stereo analog playback for my other rooms.outside.
    Wire run to the outdoor speakers (2 speakers) is about 40 feet. The outdoor speakers are 8ohm, my receiver outputs 75 watts per channel at 8ohms. (receiver output is 130 watts per channel at 6 ohms) Problem is I can’t get enough volume on the outdoor speakers. With the independent volume control maxed, I turn my receiver to about 50 and it shuts down. I can hear the music softly at this level but not high enough to enjoy it.
    Any suggestions on how I can increase the volume level would be greatly appreciated, wire issue? speaker problem? etc.

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    Could be a multitude of problems...

    It would help to know the AWG the wire is. What brand is the volume control? Speakers?

    For "giggles" you should try speaker B off and run the outside off the main terminals to rule out an issue with the AVR. If it shuts down on main left/right...then it is definitely a problem in the wire/volume control/speakers.

    The outdoor speakers could also be old/corroded and causing a short...take them down(if you can) and run them in the house on the same wire as the "main 5" and see if they are causing a shutdown.

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