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    I have a friend who would like to install speakers in 5 areas of his home. We'd like to have volume controls in each; 4 indoor, 1 outdoor location.
    Do we need to put a speaker selector switch outboard of the receiver or do the volume controls address the impedance issues that come with running multiple speakers at the same time?
    What controls have members of this forum found to be good for this kind of installation?
    The receiver, speakers, etc., are all open for discussion, as nothing has been purchased yet.
    I'd appreciate input from anyone who has done this kind of set-up, as well as everybody else with thoughts on this subject.
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    You may wish to look at I have speakers run from my bedroom system to 4 other places, but I did not need them to play at the same time so I use a 4-way switcher and 3 of the places have Niles volume controls ($80 each), Audio authority,, also has switching devices. You may also want to look at or as well. It depends on goals and budget. I believe Rotel still makes a six-way switcher for about $200, You may also want to look here:
    So I think the 1st step is to determine a budget and what you are look to do. You can spend megabucks on audio distribution.

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