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Muffles sounds, setup help? Replaced center. Lost.......

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Brian.Huep, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Brian.Huep

    Brian.Huep Agent

    Jul 25, 2003
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    Hello, I recently built a theater in my basement. It's 11 feet wide and 15 feet long. Cement walls covered with thick velvet curtains. Carpeted, and no furniture in the way of me and the screen.

    I am using a 105.6 inch 16:9 screen mounted about 3 feet off the ground. So my new center top is at 3 feet. Which is ear level since my couch is low.

    My receiver is a Harman Kardon AVR-55 (kinda old yea) dolby digital 55watt per channel. My speakers are, Klipsch Quartet floor speakers. They are the ones with the 12" passive in the back. I just added a Klipsch RC-35 center.

    I changed the center because my old pioneer center was an el cheapo crappy thing. However even with the new Klipsch I hear muffled speach sometimes. It's just not as clear as I would like. It sounds like the center is putting out a lot of deep bassy tones.

    I have the center set to small to try to reduce this. I also noticed that on this HK model, when you select YES to having a sub, it isnt supposed to sent the low freq's to the other speakers, only the sub. Which I do have a 12 inch 350watt jbl sub.

    My HK does not allow setting the fronts to small, as selecting a sub is suppose to take away those bassy tones form the fronts.

    Any idea why it still sounds a tad muffled? Voices not super clear? Now I know nothing is defective, because it's not bad by any means, and some people probably can't tell.

    Also a side note, I bi wired my center. Used 2 speaker wires, both joined at the HK, to the center. I removed the connector peice between the terminals. I have one set of wires ran to each set of terminals.

    I am sorry this is long. Any help would be appreciated. Is it just time to upgrade my receiver? Or anything else?

    I have used an spl meter and avia.

  2. John Garcia

    John Garcia Executive Producer

    Jun 24, 1999
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