MS 904s vs. JBL N38ii

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by MikeSkee, Dec 30, 2003.

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    (Just lost a whole long post due to the inclusion of a URL - ugh)
    Long story short, I have a Marantz SR4200 and CC3000 and am finally getting around to getting myself some decent main speakers (music & movies). Unfortunately, I need to do this for less than $300. I know, close to impossible. Anyway, I found a pair of JBL N38IIs for $112/per + $70 shipping (~$295) and a pair of Mordaunt-Short 904s for $274/pair ($550? orig)with free shipping.
    Both seem to get good reviews, but the JBLs are 3-ways and seem to be "more speaker" while the 904s look nicer IMO and seem to be a better deal. Since I've never listened to either and won't really have the opportunity to, particularly on my Marantz equipment, I was hoping somebody here could offer some advice. In case it matters, I'll probably be springing for a sub at some point in the near future.
    At the moment I'm leaning more toward the allure of the 904s but am basically looking for some expert advice either way. Thanks in advance - Mike
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    Welcome to HTF.

    Can't speak to the M-S 904s, but I have a pair of the N38IIs in my office, in a 2-channel setup with an NAD integrated amp, and they are quite good. I also have the S38IIs, which are superior in my opinion, in my home office in a 2-channel setup with an H/K integrated, and they are a dream. Look around and you'll find a great deal on these, but hurry.

    Someone around here has M-S paired w/ a Marantz amp or receiver (? John Garcia), if I recall correctly; perhaps he'll chime in.

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