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    Is it possible to covert a cd full of mpeg songs into cd audio so that it can be played on a regular stand-alone cd player? Is there an increase in the amount of data, assuming that this can be done, or will the compressed mpeg audio translated to cd audio alloow all of the songs to still fit on a cd?

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    You will only be able to store 74 minutes (or 80, depending on the disc) on a standard CD audio disc. No exceptions. The MPEG will be expanded to 44 KHz, 16-bit, stereo audio. Standard CD players will not recognize anything else.

    There are several utilities out there to convert MPEG or MP3 to the necessary WAV files. Some CD audio writing software packages will allow the drag-and-drop addition of MPEG/MP3 to the layout and will convert the audio before writing. You will still be restricted to 74/80 minutes.
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    I've tried loads of software that will convert and burn audio cds from mp3 format.

    What I've been using lately (for it's ease of use) is Windows Media Player 8. It's too simple! Just have the songs you want in a playlist and hit the "Copy to Device" or "Copy to CD" (don't remember exactly what it says) button. Burns my audio cd's flawlessly.

    Just my 2cents. Definately worth a looks since it's free to boot.


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