MP3 vs. WMA for Portable Player - Opinions wanted.

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    OK, I have a new toy. It's a Creative Nomad II MG portable MP3 player with built-in 64mb (expandable to 192mb). It has the ability to play MP3 or WMA files.

    WMA files are significantly smaller than MP3 files and I am working with 64mb of built-in memory. The WMA files sound less robust than correctly encoded MP3 files. I have tweaked the audio presets on the player, but is there a way to adjust the WMA encoding settings? I have used WMP to encode them but I haven't found any configurable settings. Being that WMA is a proprietary Microsoft format I don't suppose there are other WMA encoders, am I right?
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    Check out Micorosoft's download page for the Windows Media 8 encoding utility. It is a command-line utility, but there is a free third party app (a google search will help to download it) that puts a nice GUI on it.

    I found the quality of the encoding was quite good with this encoder, with a wide range of bit rates, etc. to fine-tune quality vs. file size. I found I could make WMA files that were abut 2/3 the size of comparable (to my ears!) MP3 files.

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