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    Hello everyone, I am looking for a way to record training sessions that I do. I dont want to carry around a mike (Lapel is fine) but it does have to be a wireless mike since I move all around the room. Any ideas on the best way to do this? I was thinking that there might be a way to record these sessions into MP3 format with some kind of unit which would be small enough to carry on a hip pouch??

    This way eventually if I wanted I would have the recordings to use in case I ever wanted to create CBT training CD's.

  2. Steve Owen

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    Here's a bunch to look at...
    • Archos Jukebox HD-MP3 6GB Real-Time Recorder
    • Olympus DM-1 Voice and MP3 Recorder with WOW! Technology
    • Vianix SASO Digital Voice & Audio Management System
    • Rio rio-one 32MB Portable MP3 Digital Audio
    • Player/Recorder
    • Rio rio-600/64 64MB Portable MP3 Digital Audio Player/Recorder
    • Rio rio-800/128 128 MB Portable MP3 Digital Audio Player/Recorder
    • Rio sp-250 Personal CD Player with MP3 Playback and 190 Second ASP
    • Audiovox mp-1164 64MB Portable MP3 Player/Recorder
    • Samsung yp-neu32b 32MB MP3 Digital Audio Player/Recorder
    • Samsung yp-20t 32MB Portable MP3 Digital Audio Player/Recorder
    • Samsung yp-ndu64sf 64MB Portable MP3 Digital Audio Player/Recorder
    • Samsung yp-neu64b 64MB MP3 Digital Audio Player/Recorder
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    Instead of recording on MP3, what I would suggest is:

    1) Renting a decent quality wireless lapel (lav) microphone. You should be able to snag one at a music store for like $50 for a weekend (or maybe $30 a day). Get a Shure or a nice AKG. Ask how much the mic retails for, and try to rent one that would be $500+ if you bought it.

    2) Rent a DAT machine. Try to get a Panasonic 3700 or 3800. DAT has 2 hour tapes available that record CD quality PCM audio. I would imagine, depending on the lengths of your sessions- you could either get it all on one tape or have a short break after the 2nd hour to change tapes (or if you have secheduled breaks, buy shorter tapes and change them at breaks)

    The wireless pack makes it so you don't have to carry around the recorder (just setup the mic receiver with the dat machine on a table out of the way)

    This would be resonably cheap (cheaper than buying either item) and you would have professional quality recordings that would be on a pro format. You could even take these tapes to a studio to do editing for the final CD product.

    Or you could even edit them on your PC... the DAT machine will be able to dump via SDIF, so if your PC has a digital in you can dump it all to PC with no quality loss. If you don't have SPDIF, there are many places that could do the dump for you (heck, I could do it cheap if you needed it done).

    Just make sure to practice with the mic/dat the night before to find the best placement and how to use the dat machine. Should result in a very very pro recording.


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