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  1. Jean_Hendrickx

    Jul 24, 2002
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    I've around 6 month owning an Onkyo MB-S1 music library, a MP3 CD player with a built in 20 GB ddd. I've read a lot of articles and comments about the not so good of this devices (including one from Sound & Vision mag).

    Of course I know (and notice) the subtle difference in quality of MP3 songs with the regular CD; but I can afford such difference having 4.500+ songs just at my hand (without quitting my beloved couch).

    I'm aware of the limitations (like no OSD or a better song search capabilities), but still my balance is very possitive, so I wanted to ear your opinions, I paid only US $500 bucks for this amazing device.

    Receiver: Pioneer VSX-D810 6x100 watts
    Front Speakers: JBL N38II 175 watts
    Center Speakers: JBL N-Center 150 watts
    Back Surround & Surrounds: Pioneer SR-100W 100 watts
    CD Player: Pioneer DV-344
    TV: Sony Wega KV-29FS17 29"
    Music Library: Onkyo MB-S1 20 GBs hdd
    VHS: Panasonic NS-FJ4521
    TV Sat: DirecTV RCA Receiver
    Cables: IXOS for Video components & Monster cable for audio
  2. Mike Keith

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    Jan 24, 2002
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    Glad to here you are having good luck with this unit, I've been intrigued for sometime now with these "Digital Servers" and have seriously contemplated buying one, I even pre-ordered the Zap Station now sold buy Harmon but like you I have read too many bad reviews and have been made aware of many flaws. These short comings have lead me to develop some software changes to my Pronto remote using a modified version of SuperNudeList and I am able to gain access to any song from my Sony 555ES 400 disc changer as well as program ability for up to 32 tracks, now it works just like a jukebox, I simply touch any song and it goes to the end of the list of songs to be played. Even though I'm quite satisfied with my Jukebox setup for now I'm sure the future of audio lays in some kind of hard disc based system or media-less digital server that can have internet connection, but I'll wait for a while and see what happens to the Napster based file sharing sites, cus let's face it without some portal for free music these systems are not nearly as interesting.

    Again congrats on you purchase and good luck with your music server, and please let us know of any future problems or strength's of this kind of product, I for one am very interested.
  3. Brian D Scott

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    Jul 9, 2002
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