moving my 57HDX82 convergence way off

Discussion in 'Displays' started by patrick*bayarea, Oct 6, 2003.

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    Hey guys,

    I just moved my 57HDX82 to a new place and now even after doing the basic convergence (red/blue) there is a thin black gap at the bottom of the screen, there is a noticeable bow at the bottom of the picture, and there is still some convergence issues at the bottom of the screen. is this somethign I can or should fix myself? do i have to use some advanced menu (use code on remote to enter) to adjust the green gun? I have a 5 year warranty from good guys... is this something that is usually covered? I figured this must be a pretty common occurence, since everyone moves sometime. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Congratulations on your move!

    The issues you describe could mean several things, the tubes themself somehow got moved inside the set during the move - unlikely. Or they were jolted around enough that the electonic adjustments got off - most likely. There is a service menu geometry/convergence adjustment that you may be able to access in order to correct for this. I would definitely recommend using a template for geometry if you have access to one. If not, I would recommend that at the very least you have a copy of Digital Video Essentials or Avia on hand for their geometry/convergence patterns. Even though your set has an internal gird, it it not sufficient enough to achieve proper centering without one of the above tools.

    You warranty will most likely cover this being fixed, but I would be wary of the tech that comes out to fix it. Make sure that they know what they are doing before they start messing with the set as sometimes it can actually get worse.

    Good Luck,

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