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It was Bond climbing out of the bay in his snorkel suit then pulling it off to reveal a tuxedo that ignited Bond. I say that with tongue-in-cheek only partially, then comes the titles with Shirley Bassey singing the title song. Goldfinger had the best beginning of the first three movies.


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May 3, 2008
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I think Saturday Night Fever had the right music & the right star all as disco was getting bigger and that helped propelled disco to even higher levels but it didn't kick off that phenomenon.
Actually, disco was on the way out. By the end of 1977, when Saturday Night Fever came out, the backlash had started. Because of the movie and its soundtrack, not only did disco not die out, it achieved more widespread, mainstream, middle-America success than it ever had before.

From an interview with Travolta about the film:
"It [disco] was on its way out. The clothing I wore in the movie, the polyester this and that was all finished when we did the movie. I thought I was doing, honestly, an art film — really, that it was a slice of life about a small group of people in Brooklyn that were obsessed with disco dancing and that I had a very interesting character to play. I did not think it would be a big commercial movie at all."

"The clothing for Saturday Night Fever, I had to go to the Village [in New York], in the back of the store and tops of shelves and pull out boxes because they hadn't sold those pants in three years. They hadn't sold those shirts in two years. That suit was kind of a classic suit, so that was being avidly sold but that's how out of date we thought all that was when we were making it. I thought I was doing kind of a little retro movie and then it became like it had never existed before."
The Bee Gees music was added in post production and hadn't been available during the majority of filming. The Brothers Gibb wrote most of the music over a weekend after being contacted when the production was almost completely filmed. During filming, they danced to Stevie Wonder and Boz Skaggs tunes. They'd planned to use Skaggs' "Lowdown" and filmed a sequence with it that had to be rescored and dubbed because it was pulled at the last minute as Skaggs had decided to work on a disco project himself.
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