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Discussion in 'Movies' started by Bram De Clerck, Mar 11, 2005.

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    Hi, as you can tell by my postcount i'm totally new to this forum, and it feels strange to introduce myself in this way.

    I'll explain my intentions: as you all know, 70mm projection has all but disappeared in most parts of the world... Even theatres that can run it (such as the kinepolis chain in europe) rarely make use of it.

    For this reason i've started an online petition to convince this cinema chain to use it's 70 mm capacity more often, because there are still a lot of movie fans who will travel for hundreds of miles to see a movie projected in 70mm.
    This is where you come into the picture, the international movie community. I'd like you to take just 1 or 2 minutes of your time and sing an online petition that will be used to convince Kinepolis that we, the moviefans, would really appreciate more 70mm films.

    In fact, i'm hoping that other people will start similair petitions or start writing to theatres equipped with 70mm projectors that have been collecting dust for the last decade or so. It might seem odd to ask you this, since most of you aren't european and will never see a movie in a Kinepolis theatre, but this is the largest movie community in the world, your support would mean alot to us.

    (Moderators, please move this thread if i posted in the wrong forum, because i didn't really know where to post it)

    The online petition is located at ( i can't use url's yet :/)
    and the Kinepolis chain's website is located at

    Thanks in advance,
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    You should also direct a petition to the studios so that they make new 70mm prints. Without prints, the equipment has nothing to run.

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