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Oct 27, 2004
Movie: Private Parts: directed by Betty Thomas R (language, gross-out humor, and strong nudity). 108min.

Studio: Paramount

Cast: Howard Stern

Robin Quivers

DVD Info: Widescreen

Plot: Howard Stern life story.

My view: This is a very funny movie. Howard Stern does a pretty good job in this movie for this was his first starring role and even though he was playing himself. This movie has a lot of gross-out scenes but this movie also shows the softer side of Howard Stern.

**** for the movie and ** for the DVD
Movie: The Towering Inferno: directed by John Guillerman PG (for language and violence) 165 min.

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Year: 1974

Cast: Steve McQueen

Paul Newman

William Holden

Faye Dunaway

DVD Info: Widescreen, trailer, and cast bio’s. It’s a cheap DVD.

Plot: The tallest building in the world gets on fire. The people are trap inside.

My view: This is a pretty good disaster movie. Its goes a bit long and sometimes over dramatic. Paul Newman and Steve McQueen do a pretty good job in this movie. This movie has great special effects for it’s time. This movie and the Poseidon Adventure are considered the bench mark for disaster films. **** For the movie and ** for the DVD. I just hope FOX release’s a special edition DVD for this movie

Movie: Halloween: Directed by John Carpenter Rated R (nudity and violence) 91 min.


Jamie Lee Curtis

Donald Pleasance

DVD Info: 2 disc set
Commentary by Carpenter, Debra Hall, and Jamie Lee Curtis.
An 87 minute documentary with the film makers.
10 min. documentary inside the Myers house
Great widescreen transfer
Trailers/Actors bio’s
Plot: After killing his sister, Michael Myers was put into a Mental hospital. Then few years later he escapes.

My view: This is a classic horror/suspense film. It’s on the AFI 100 greatest Thriller list. This movie also contains one of the most recognizable themes in movie history. This movie jumped started Jamie Lee Curtis film carrier and made her has know as the scream-queen. Forgot the forgettable sequels check this one out. This movie does move a bit slow. **** For the movie and ****1/2 for the 25 yr DVD (this does not include the TV extended version). I prefer the Theater version because it’s a bit tighter


9/10 Movie: Black Hawk Down (2001)

Movie: Black Hawk Down

Cast: Josh Harnett

Eric Bana

Tom Sezimore

Ewan McGregor

DVD Info:Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby
Rated: R
Studio:Columbia Tristar Hom
DVD Release Date:June 3, 2003
DVD Features:
Commentary by producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Ridley Scott
Commentary by author Mark Bowden and screenwriter Ken Nolan
Commentary by Task Force Ranger Veterans
Theatrical trailer(s), TV spot(s)
The Essence of Combat: Making Black Hawk Down: 1. Getting It Right 2. Crash Course 3. Battlefield Morocco 4. Hymn to the Fallen 5. Digital Warriors 6. After Action Report(Great Doc.)
8 deleted & alternate scenes with optional commentary
Production design archive
Storyboards with optional commentary
Ridleygrams with optional commentary
Jerry Bruckheimer's Black Hawk Down photo album
Title design explorations with optional commentary
Photo galleries
The History Channel Presents: The True Story of Black Hawk Down
PBS Presents: Frontline: Ambush in Mogadishu
Interactive mission map/timeline
Target building insertion - multi-angle sequence with optional commentary
Question & Answer Forums: BAFTA (Ridley Scott, Jerry Bruckheimer, Josh Hartnett, Ewen McGregor, Jason Isaaca, Mark Bowden & Tom Matthews), Motion Pictures Editor's Guild (Pietro Scalia), American Cinematheque (Jerry Bruckheimer & Ridley Scott)
"Gortoz A Ran - J'Attends" music video performed by Denez Prigent & Lisa Gerrard
Theatrical poster concepts
Widescreen anamorphic format
Number of discs: 3

Plot: US Solders try to retrieve some war criminals and one of the black hawk down gets shot down and changes everything

My view: This is Great War movie. There is great action and great directing by Ripley Scott. The beginning kinda slows the movie down but it’s there for reason to set-up the characters. This movie is very bloody and people with weak stomachs should not see this movie. One of my fav. War movies. ****1/2 for the movie and ***** for the DVD

Evil Dead Trilogy

MOOD: Fearful

Evil Dead Trilogy:

Evil Dead: This is the first film in the Evil Dead Trilogy. It’s about five teenagers going into the woods. Once they gotten there they found the book of the dead made out of human skin. Soon after the four kids were turned into Zombies except for one who was Ash. The others were Cheryl, Scotty, Linda, and Shelly. Ash had to kill each friend so he wound not be turned into a zombie. This is a good horror film that started the careers of Sam Rami and Bruce Campbell. This is a very low budget film with cool camera tricks ,very gory, and disturbing(girl gets raped by a tree). *** ¾: directed by Sam Rami. NR 85 min. There is also great movie commentary by Bruce Campbell on the DVD.

Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn

This is the second film in the Evil Dead Trilogy. Most people think this just remake of the original classic Evil Dead. I think this its own movie because the film makers had to remake the ending of Evil Dead for the beginning of Evil Dead II because they could not get the rights of The Evil Dead. This movie is about Ash reopening the book of the dead and dealing with same problem. Along the way, outsiders come to find the book also and they die also. I like this one the best because it’s creepy and funny. This what I call a Horremdy(Horror-Comedy). This movie is also very gory and moves on frantic pace. Best Scene is when Ash loses his evil hand and his hand starts to whip Ash to a bloody mess with dinner plates **** directed by Sam Rami NR 84 min. There is also a great commentary on this dvd also by Bruce Campbell and Sam Rami

Army of Darkness

At the ending of Evil Dead 2, Ash is put into a time-travel thing and gets put into middle ages. In this film, Ash has to get the book of the dead from deaditis and save a group of people. Which includes a great three stooge’s style scene and him battling evil Ash while. After he gets the book back he must face the Army of Darkness in a battle. This battle is very cheesy but it’s meant to be cheesy. This film is not scary but it’s very fun film and often very funny. Groovy. ***3/4 directed by Sam Rami R 81 min. Th

Nightmare on Elm Street Series: This Series has seven films

1. Nightmare on Elm Street: This one is the original horror classic. Movie is about a Freddy going after people in their dreams. If he gets you in your dreams your dead for real. This was an original concept back in early 1980’s. Also Freddy was named one of the top 50 villains of all time by AFI.. The film started Johnny Depps career. Highlight: Glen’s and Tina’s death ***** directed by Wes Craven 92 min

2. Nightmare on Elm Street part 2: Freddy Revenge: This the much hated sequel because they changed the format abet instead of Freddy going into your dreams he tries coming through Jesse’s body. I kinda dig the premise because it was different and you can’t do the same thing everything it will get stale. Highlight: Freddy coming out of Jesse’s body. *** directed by Jack Sholder 84 min

3. Nightmare on Elm Street part 3: Dream Warriors: This one is consider one of the best in the series because Wes Craven came back to write the screenplay. This is about Freddy tries to kill off the last of the Elm Street kids inside western hills a mental clinic. Elm Street kids are the ones that their parents killed off Freddy in the first place. Also starts the hypnical sub-plot Highlight: Freddy big Head on the snake thing. **** directed by Chuck Russel 96 min

4.Nightmare on Elm Street part 4: Dream Master: This one is very week because Freddy is not the evil son of a bitch that he was in the first three and more corny. He is more comical in this one. This one does have some good kills. This one is about him killing off the survivors from part 3 and then going after the new kids through help of Alice. Highlight: Cockroach death scene: ** directed by Renny Harlin 92 min.

5. Nightmare on Elm Street part 5: Dream Child: This is also very week because of a bad script. This is about that Freddy can’t through Alice anymore so he uses hers unborn child. ** Highlight: Dan’s death on his bike directed by Stephen Hopkins 89 mins

6. Freddy’s Dead the final Nightmare: This one is not even scary. It’s stupid and even cornier. This is more of a comedy then a horror film. The deaths scenes are innovative but there like something out of a video game. This movie is about Freddy real daughter tries to get Freddy in the real world so she can kill him for realz. Highlight: The deaf kids get his head blown off by Freddy: * directed by Rachel Talalay 96 mins

7. Wes Craven New Nightmare: This is one of the best in series because it keeps the evilness of Freddy in movie. You do not see any of the MTV versions of Freddy in this movie. This about that the reel Freddy is mad because they killed the movie Freddy off in the films so he is going after the films makers. This is like a movie within a movie. **** ½ Highlight: Freddy’s Claw at the beginning of the movie: directed by Wes Craven. 112 min

8. Freddy vs. Jason: This is the spin-off of this series and connects with the Friday the 13th franchise. This is very good for a Slasher film. It’s about Freddy being trapped in Hell and being forgotten by his kid’s so he uses Jason has a puppet to get this Kids to started remembering Freddy so he can come back. Once he gotten his strength back, Jason can’t stop his killing spree so Freddy gets pist at Jason and all hell breaks lose. ***** Highlight: bed death and Freddy/ Jason fight directed by Ronny Yu 97 min

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