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Vic Pardo

Feb 7, 2013
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Brian Camp
According to Amazon, the first one, WAR DEVILS, is not an official release. Their page has the same DVD cover photo as your link, so I'm assuming they're talking about the same release. Here's a relevant quote:

Buyers beware; this dvd is NOT an official studio product. It is a DVDR made by a private company. This quality is therefore only fair, and there are absolutely no extras. My main complaint though, is the dubbing. It is awful and unfortunately a pet hate of mine. I would prefer to see see the non English speaking actors speaking in their native tongue with sub-titles showing. The script is corny and typical of low budget films of that era. The premise is a good one; soldiers from two opposing sides meeting up again after a previous encounter, but the opportunity for an excellent film was lost, in my view, due mainly by the low budget and poor script. This type of thing was dealt with much better in the Lee Marvin film, Hell in the Pacific(?).

As for the second one, THE ENEMY GENERAL, Amazon lists no DVD, but they do offer the film on Instant Video and list Columbia Pictures as the studio, which would indicate an official release.

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