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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Aubie, May 9, 2010.

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    Here is copied text form my user manual. Should I turn the 24(fs) on or off for best picture quality?

    Movie Frame (24 Fs)

    Movies are usually filmed at 24 frames per second. Some

    Blu-ray Discs have the capability of playing back at this

    frame rate. Setting the Movie Frame (24Fs) feature to ON

    allows you to adjust the Blu-ray Disc Player's HDMI output

    to 24 frames per second for improved picture quality.

    You can enjoy the Movie Frame (24Fs) feature only on a TV

    supporting this frame rate.

    This menu can only be selected in 1080i or 1080p HDMI

    output resolution modes.

    Depending on the disc, two types of frame rates may be included: Movie material (24 frame) and Video

    material (30 frame). When the setting switches between Movie (24 frame) and Video (30 frame),

    the screen may blink for a few seconds.
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    If your tv and blu ray player are capable of using the 24fs, yes, it should be on for blu ray movies. Some players will give the option to force (for lack of a better word, at the moment) it on regular dvds too. It's supposed to make them look more film like. You can try turning that option on, and see if you like it. If not, turn it back off. But I think it definitely needs to be on for blu rays. Blu rays are meant to use it, so it's not forced on them.

    Good luck!

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