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Move mains for surround duty? New Mains? (1 Viewer)


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Mar 17, 1999
I currently have NHT Supertwo's for my mains which I have been very happy with but I have never had good surrounds. I was going to buy some new surrounds but then I got to thinking, what if I moved the supertwos for surround duty and bought new mains? I think I would want to stick with NHT but I'm not sure what would make a good match for the S2's. Opinions?

Burke Strickland

Second Unit
Jul 31, 1997
Moving the front speakers to surround duty when upgrading to more capable front mains is a classic, sensible way to extend the service life of good speakers. If you are really "into" two channel music in addition to mulit-channel movie sound, a couple of NHT's higher end floor standing models might be the ticket.
But since you have been happy with the Super Twos and basically just want to upgrade the surrounds, why not get a couple more Super Twos for the surrounds? For that matter, get three more and use one for the center -- unless you have one there already, meaning you'd have the "holy grail" of all five speakers the same.
The benefits of usiing the same speaker model all around include no hassle with trying to timbre match different speakers, as well as an aesthetic uniformity that appeals to some (if the WAF has already been passed with the Super Twos, you're "home free" adding more). :>)
Good luck!
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Mar 17, 1999
Thanks Burke. I'm leaning towards something in the upper end of NHT's line-up. I have had a good experience the with S2's but they can get a little harsh at high volume levels. I'd like something that can handle a little more volume. I'm thinking maybe the 2.4's.
But on the other hand . . . a set of speakers that I could get finished in a blonde maple or something would look great in my HT and the wife would be mucho happy. But that would be a different manufacturer.
Decisions, decisions. But it's fun!!

Roger Metcalf

Apr 28, 1999
I did the same thing last year. I was considering some less expensive surrounds, but ended up moving my NHT 2.1's to the rear, and got a great deal on a set of still in the box, never been used 2.3's (which were always one of my fav speakers, but could not afford them at the time). I have been very happy with the results-- you will be AMAZED at how good NHT towers sound in the rear, the power and bass is unbelievable--even in DPL there is a big difference. My roommate has the SuperTwo's in his bedroom and I like them very much, although I personally prefer the music series, and I would reccomend you go with something from that lineup for your mains, maybe the 2.5's? Although, I will admit those 2.4's look very nice too...like you said, tough decisions, but either way you should get good results.
I love NHT speakers.
P.S. What kind of subwoofer are you using??? I've been very happy with my Snell THXSub550 for the longest time, but as I keep seeing these SVS subs I want one BAD! I'm considering the 46" model without the amp as I have a 275-watt Kenwood THX amp already that should power it decently--but if you haven't upgraded your sub in a while, that might be of interest too....

Bob McElfresh

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May 22, 1999
One caution: you want to maintain a matching center speaker with your L/R speakers. Make sure the higher-end speakers you are considering tone-match to your existing center or you may have to buy 3 new front speakers.
I thought the Super series is being discontinued. This means that you should be able to get a good deal on some more SuperTwos. This is probably the best bang for the buck.
Note: About 2 years ago I tried to convince myself that I needed new rear-speakers. To test this, I disconnected all front speakers, fired up a DVD and sat down to read the paper and focus on just the rear sound.
I think the rear speakers made noise about 10% of the time. I was very disapointed. (I was using the movie Contact as a test-disk).
Perhaps I should re-test with a more action-orriented flick.
Try this test for yourself with a favorite/typical movie. (Make sure you turn off any DSP modes). If the results match my test, it may not be worth using SuperTwo's for the rears.
But SuperOnes and Super Zeros are selling for good prices right now! :)

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