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    I am going to be intensively upgrading my current PC pretty soon. Gonna upgrade to a Dual 1GHz Athlon and a Geforce 3 64MB video card. May also get a DVD-RAM drive as well. I will be getting into some 3D graphics pretty soon, and my current PIII 550 just won't cut it as far as rendering time goes.
    So, I need some motherboard recommendations. I'm not sure what to look for as far as dual CPU MBs go. Which motherboard should I get for a dual 1GHz Athlon setup?
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    Right now, there is only one manufacturer making the Dual Athlon boards.. that's Tyan. I have the Tyan UNG, which has the onboard Lan + Video (which can be disabled)
    It's a nice board; but requires a special power supply.. I've had no troubles. They have a new board that takes a standard PS, it's the Tiger MB:

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